Herbal Recipes For Sparkling Skin

Flower and herb preparations have pretty much been used for hundreds of years for both women's and men's facial care. Ever since distillation techniques were discovered, boutiques and chemists have been selling various essential oils for skin care purposes. These fragrant oils were favorite even to women from the Middle Ages and it seems they never lost the popularity they possess. With facial care, there are two applications: moisturizing and drying (toning). Depending to the skin type, one uses the relevant oil: drying for oily skin and moisturizing for dry skin. The skin care oil that can be prepared at the comfort of your own home are many and can be scented in whichever way you desire. Here are a couple of examples.

Lavender Facial Wash This is a facial astringent that is rather easy to make. It tightens, tones and soothes the skin. It works as a great moisturizer. Here are the ingredients:

half a cup of lavender flowers
quarter cup of rolled oats
a cup of witch hazel, distilled
a teaspoon of vegetable glycerin
three drops of lavender essential oil

All dry ingredients, along with the witch hazel, are to combined in a glass jar. Let it steep for a couple of days. After you've strained and reserved the liquid, add the essential oil and glycerin. Use a cotton ball in order to smear the facial wash over your cheeks and forehead. Use upward motions.

Herbal Recipes For Sparkling Skin
Red Clover Lotion This lotion is extremely rich and you can add as much water as you want, depending on whether you would like it light or dense. You will need:
a cup of fresh red clover petals
a cup of cocoa butter
a cup of distilled or rose water
two teaspoons of sweet almond oil or jojoba

Put the cocoa butter and herbs in a bowl. Mix the petals into the cocoa butter using a spoon. Cover it and leave it in a dark place to steep for a week or two.

Heat the butter so that you are able to strain the petals. Put them away and pour the already melted butter in a deep pot. While constantly whisking, pour the distilled/rose water. Whisk until you reach the desired consistency. Finally, add the jojoba or almond oil. Put it in a small container and refrigerate. This will last you up to two weeks.

Herbal Recipes For Sparkling Skin2

Rose Petal Toner Simple to make but really effective astringent for your face. The ingredients are:

a cup of fresh rose rose petals
one cup of distilled witch hazel
a cup of distilled water
vegetable glycerin or rose water (optional)

All ingredients are to be put in a big jar. Let it steep for a couple of days. Strain it and save the liquid. In case you prefer, dilute the whole mixture with additional rose water or distilled water or put a couple of drops of vegetable glycerin. The toner is to be applied with a cotton ball with upward strokes.

Elder and Dandelion Blemish Lightener This is a variation of an old wives' recipe. Many of these recipes require tansy flowers, but elder flowers are just as lovely. You will need the following fresh ingredients:

a cup of elder flowers
a cup of dandelion flowers
two cups of fresh buttermilk
Mix them all in a jar. Let it sit overnight in the fridge. Strain and save the liquid. Use a cotton ball to apply the lotion onto your face. Let it stay for about ten minutes and rinse it off with cool water.

Bio:Daisy Hart is dedicated writer, blogger and aesthete who finds her greatest inspiration in flowers. She likes to write about flowers and how they find application in various areas: fashion,art, home decoration, medicine and cosmetic industry. Her present article reveals some more secrets about herbs and flowers.

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    Very good information. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Expert2:38 PM

    Before applying any facial mask clean your face and neck with fresh water. Take off all cosmetics, creams, lotions, in short: everything. Use a non abrasive, non aggressive soap if necessary.

  3. Turmeric facial mask is very good to make skin glow.

  4. Bindu2:56 PM

    Tip to treat dull skin Mix 2 tsp of whole-wheat flour with milk and scrub all over the face until the milk is absorbed. Wash off with cold water.

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    Apply a face pack of sandalwood powder with rosewater once a week.

  7. I wanna try this. I've been having dry skin lately due to stress and lack of sleep.


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