How to keep Skin and Hair Healthy during the Winter Season

Winter is one of the most dreaded seasons of the year. The cold and snow that accumulates is just horrifying and no one generally wants to be out on winter. The effect of winter is felt everywhere especially where skin and hair matters are concerned. The winter itch is associated with a dry and flaky skin. A dry skin is ordinarily caused by lack of water or oil. With a few tips, the winter woes can be overcome and the instead make the skin glow over the festive season all the way to January. Winter weather can also have a severe effect on the hair. The hair becomes dry just like the skin and the scalp becomes dry, flaky and itchy. The dryness makes hair lifeless and the natural oils are sucked out of the scalp.

Uptake of water

  One of the sure ways of fighting skin dryness is by taking lots of water. Though it seems such a less significant discipline, the taking of water is healthy for the entire body. The water you drink goes into purification and removal of toxins making the body clean from any waste. To those who have excess weight and want to shed it off, lemon water does the magic.

Avoiding daily shampooing

The use of daily shampoo is great for the other seasons save for winter. The effect of shampoo is to wash away the natural oils that cover the scalp leaving it dry and flaky. The natural oils not only make the hair look shiny and healthy but also make the scalp look healthy. There is the dry shampoo that experts advise that it be used in between the regular wash times.

Daily moisturizing

We appreciate that our skins are different and as such, we have normal to dry skin and we also have sensitive skin. Although it is advisable that you keep off from sunlight even during winter, it becomes almost impossible to do so because in one way or another we tend to work and under direct sunshine.
Cream moisturizers have been known to work well with dry and normal skin. For the ones with sensitive skin, they prefer a cream with lanolin content.

Avoidance of curling irons and blow dryers

The aim of discontinuing the use of blow-dryers over winter is to avoid drying the hair further. What the hair needs at this point is moisture and not the use of curling irons. To avoid drying the skin further, a hair conditioner can be useful in adding moisture to the hair. There are also hair care products that you can buy which help in reducing dryness and protect the hair from heat.

Daily exfoliation

Exfoliation plays a very integral role in skin care and the good thing about it is that it can be done at home. It is advised that you use a delicate scrub throughout the exfoliation process and in the event the skin does not agree with the scrub, there is another way of exfoliating mixture of sugar, eggs and oatmeal.  This will help you beat the winter woes and the flaky skin associated with it.

Hair brushing

Brushing of hair especially over winter helps in spreading the natural oils from the scalp through the hair. It is these natural oils that as earlier mentioned are responsible for the shinier and healthier hair. To fight winter affects aptly therefore ensure you brush the hair at least ten minute each night. The breakage of hair is a common occurrence during this time but with proper care it can be stopped and instead most and healthy hair develops.

Avoid stress

Stress is an emotional response to information which is troubling in nature. Apart from disturbing the inner self, stress shows up on the face as wrinkles and lines on the skin making it gloomy and folded.  Stress can reverse the gains made in making your skin supple and moist. It is advisable that you avoid stress especially over winter as it can easily have a double impact on your skin. Double in the sense that winter brings its own troubles same to the stress that you have, this can be damaging and destructive to the skin. Instead of accommodating stress, consider it a habit going for a walk or even shopping.  Let your face shine if not for anyone’s sake, let it be for the skin and winter.

Eat Healthy

It is very paramount to eat healthily to maintain a healthy skin and hair even during winter. A well balanced diet always works magic for your skin as well as hair.
Author Bio: The article is contributed by Peter Smith. He is a skin specialist and also provides online counseling for skin problems.

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  1. Gargi2:51 PM

    Healthy diet and more calcium

  2. Ellen2:52 PM

    Fish oil for skin, vitamin E&H for the nails! Hair just needs to be kept healthy with less damaging chemical products (you can find some strengthening shampoo).

  3. Ruchi2:55 PM

    Exfoliate regularly. Moisturize every day. Drink a lot of water.

  4. Viraj3:01 PM

    . Bathing or showering in hot water and too much chlorine can make you looking like 'dishpan hands'. Use warm water.


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