How to Update Your Makeup Bag in 2013

Go to your purse and pull out your makeup bag. Yes, go now, and then come back. Got it? Okay, now pour the contents out onto your desk. Take a look at the items in front of you. If you're like most women, you'll probably see some or all of the following products: a compact, complete with crumbling powder and a much abused puff that looks more like a tiny pancake at this point than the terrycloth applicator it once was, crusty mascara, a mangled eyeliner pencil, an eye shadow palette (probably with a broken lid), and about a half dozen assorted lip products including sticks, glosses, and balms. You might also have other makeup products, but you will almost overwhelmingly discover that they are either expired, out of season, or both. So to kick off the New Year with a new outlook on beauty, why not toss those tired standbys and take a new approach to your makeup bag? Here are a few things you'll want to include.
First and foremost, ditch the bacteria factory. Toss your old makeup bag in favor of a new one that is lined on the inside and plastic on the outside. If spills occur, this will be a godsend. Then get rid of everything in your bag that is more than a few months old. As a rule, liquids last 3-6 months while powders will go for a year or two in some cases. Either way, you probably need to update your color palette at this point, especially if you live in a wintry climate. But what should you put in your shiny, new cosmetics bag?

makeup bag

Well, it is called a makeup bag, so you'll certainly want to add cosmetics. But there are a few guidelines you should observe. First and foremost, do not overfill! You may want to account for every possible social situation by having the perfect beauty products on hand, but unless you want to fill your bag to busting, try to plan for the most likely events. On a given work day all you'll need is the basics, including your powder compact and a couple of lip products (try to stick to one each of lipstick, balm, and gloss). You may be scratching your head in confusion. That's it? Yes, and I'll tell you why.

If you apply your makeup correctly in the morning, you don't need every product in your beauty kit at the office with you. All you need are the touch up products listed above. A primer will keep everything in place, waterproof eye products will prevent smudging, and if you tend to get a little shiny throughout the day, all you need is a small packet of oil absorbing sheets to dry up the excess so that you can reapply your powder without gunking up your puff. As for lips, a tinted balm will be fine for daytime, and if you have to do a quick switch from day to evening, simply swipe on your lipstick and add a little gloss for shine. Easy peasy.

As for other elements to include in your new kit for 2013, you'll probably want a comb, a pair of cuticle scissors and an emery board, dental floss (or toothpicks), and a small, solid perfume (Pacifica offers their array of scents in pretty and compact disks). You don't have to store the amenities of your average day spa Victoria to Vancouver in your handbag in order to look fresh. With a few simple products you can accomplish your goal and keep your makeup bag manageable. And while you can certainly add items for special events, don't forget to subtract them after the fact to avoid clutter and mess.

(Guest Post by Carol)

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