How to make your slick bodycon dress suitable for winter!

Bodycon dress is slick, sexy and very much short in general, which makes it perfect to wear during the summer, however; it is not essentially mandatory for one fashionista to leave off this wonderful outfit during other seasons like winter or autumn. Luckily, they can mix and match other garments with it in order to make it wearable during the chillier times. Bodycon dress is made of elastic material like spandex or lycra, therefore they fit to ones’ body really well that is another reason why it has caught the reputation of the ‘body hugging dress’. They usually end two inches above the knee, making it absolutely apt for any kind of parties to wear in. However; the dress in itself is not enough during winters, one needs some cover-ups embellishments in order to kick back that cold and look fashionable in the process as well.

bodycon dress

Of course there is plenty of room to style your bodycon dress during winter. In fact one would find a playfield while it comes to styling their bodycon in winter as one can try on different types of jackets, cardigans, leggings, all sorts of boots, scarf etc to kick off the cold weather and look fantabulous.

Accessorizing your outfit is much more intriguing than just throwing in the outfit by it-self. A fashionista loves to work out their outfit and mix and match it with other trendy gears in order to stand out from the crowd and make a unique fashion statement.

There are quite a few possibilities one can try when it comes to gearing up their bodycon dress during winter, like;

1. Jackets or Blazers, leather vests or simple old fashioned Cardigan
Jackets are perfect addition for winter, and they look absolutely amazing on a bodycon dress. Contrasting colours enhances the beauty of the whole outfit. For instance, if one is wearing a slick coral bodycon, pairing it up with white or cream jacket would bring out your sexy side with a touch of innocence. One can play with the colours as much they want; they just need to balance it out with the other. Blazers look very traditional and classy over a bodycon. Single buton peplum blazer would look classic with it. Leather vest is another item that are exclusively used by celebrities, Demi Lovato is someone who is iconize for the leather vest look and she pulls it off just fine. One can also try on old fashioned cardigan which is very traditional and yet trendy enough to go with your bodycon. Kimono sleeve cardigan, open front cardigan, waterfall cardigan, jumpo cream chunky knit open front cardigan etc all of them would look really stylish paired with your bodycon.

2. Leggings are perfect to go with your bodycon during winter
Leggings are another item that would uplift your bodycon and take it to a whole new level of excellency. For the winter, wet look leggings and high waist leggings are perfect. Leather leggings are good pick as well. Generally your bodycon looks better with a simple black legging, but if one is gutsy enough to try other colours, hot pink and blue should be their first pick during this season.

3. Ankle boots or high boots or platform boots, each are capable of uplifting the outfit
Now when it comes picking your foot-wear during winter, boots are the perfect choice. Platform boots would look really good with your bodycon. Ankle boots are another trendy choice for winter and they would look amazing with bodycon. Leather boots also add up o the look. Black or grey boots would go with absolutely everything. Throwing in your bodycon, pairing them up with a blazer, and a sexy legging and the boots, this is the perfect recipe for a ‘hot outfit’ for the winter.

4. Scarf and trendy hats would blend in just fine with the outfit.
Scarf is something that has always been considered fashionable. During the winter one can actually utilize their existence and also make a trendy fashion statement n addition. One can tie it in a quite a few ways and whatever style is suitable for them should be their pick. Caps and hats are one fashionable gear that would never go out of style during winter! Celebrities like Austin Kutcher, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Alba has been spotted in a beanie which looks absolutely adorable and stylish on them. They are perfectly wearable with your bodycon and they would certainly add up to your whole outfit. Rihanna, Fergie wear spotted wearing berets which looked totally and add up to their star power. They would also look quite trendy with your bodycon.

The dress in itself is beautiful, of course; but with accessorizing it a little bit, one can use it throughout the year.

Author Byline The post is written by Jeff; a writer, columnist and a fashion freak. His passion for cheap fashion and bandage dresses is fiery.

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