Peplum Dresses for Valentine's Date

What are you going to wear this upcoming Valentine’s Day? If you said sweats and t-shirt you’ve got to get out of your rut! Instead of being a slouch on Valentine’s Day you should go ahead and dress up nice.

It’s amazing what happens when you decide you’re going to look your best, especially on a special day like Valentine’s Day.

Dressing up and looking your best will change your mood and your expectations for the day, and picking out a great dress is the first step you can take to make this upcoming Valentine’s holiday truly memorable.

This is equally true whether you’re going to be hanging out by yourself on Valentine’s Day, whether you’re going to spend time with your girlfriends, or whether you’re going to go out with someone special.

No matter what you’re up to on Valentine’s Day the key to making it special is dressing special, and there are few better ways to doll yourself up on Valentine’s Day than by picking out a great Peplum Dress.

What is a Peplum Dress? There are a lot of variations on the Peplum Dress but each of these garments has a few basic features. They are all fairly form-fitting, cutting an attractive silhouette without minimizing curves.

They all have a short “overskirt” or some sort of ruffle that is attached around the waistline and spills a little bit over the dress’ skirt, and they are almost always sleeveless. The Peplum Dress gives you the ability to look great, fun, flirty and attractive without putting on a truly scandalous look.

Yet the best thing about the Peplum Dress is its versatility, including the many variations on the above-mentioned theme you’ll be able to pick from when choosing your Valentine’s Day outfit. When picking your Peplum Dress, we suggest you choose from one of the top 8 hottest Peplum Dresses out there.

1. Cut Out Peplum Dress.

If you’re looking to push the boundaries a bit you can get a cut-out Peplum Dress, which has cut outs on the sides, generally below the rib cage and above the waistline, showcasing your midriff while still maintaining the fun, flirty and innocent quality of the Peplum Dress.

2. Mesh Cut Out Peplum Dress.

If you want to be a little more daring than a traditional Peplum Dress will allow but you aren’t interested in showing too much skin you can get a dress with mesh covering its cut outs.

3. Mesh Top Peplum Dress.

Of course, you can also get a fairly traditional Peplum Dress with a mesh top. This dress will utilize mesh or a sheer fabric above your bust, giving you the ability to show some cleavage and to show off your neck and collar without going all out with a completely strapless Peplum Dress.

4. Strapless Peplum Dress.

How scandalous a strapless Peplum Dress is depends on the color scheme and design pattern of the dress itself. If the strapless Peplum Dress is black or red, and if it’s very form fitting and slinky, then its strapless nature will make it very sex. However if it’s brighter and cuter than the fact its strapless will make it look more like a summer dress than a sexy club dress.

5. High Contrast Peplum Dress.

When you wear a Peplum Dress you can make the garment’s different layers really pop by making them contrast with each other. For example, a white dress with a black hem on the overskirt and the bust-line will really stand out while remaining simple and elegant.

6. Patterned Peplum Dress.

You can go with a simple one-color dress or you can get a Peplum Dress with colorful patterns on them. Perhaps the most popular pattern for a Peplum Dress is striped.

7. Contrast Patterned Peplum Dress.

Many great Peplum Dresses contrast the top and bottom of the garment, utilizing a different color and/or pattern for the shirt and overskirt half of the dress as the lower skirt. This can look really great, especially when the bottom is a simple design (such as all black) and the top is both colorful and densely patterned.

8. Lace Peplum Dress.

Nothing says romance like lace, and having a completely lace top to your Peplum Dress is a great way to show a little skin, introduce a little intrigue, and demonstrate your sexy side, while still remaining demure and without overdoing it. While red lace may seem like a bit much, it will look perfect on a Peplum Dress worn on Valentine’s Day.

Author Bio: The author Peter Smith is a fashion buff and usually writes on the fashion related topics. 

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