5 Eco-Friendly Fashion Tips

Fashion is the latest industry to push eco-friendly products. If you are interested in supporting the cause, then there are plenty of things for you buy and do.

Fashion does not need to be all hemp and circa 1970's in order for it to be Earth friendly. You just need to know where to shop, and what to look for in order to keep your clothing "green."

The following tips will help you keep your closet eco-friendly.

women dressed in eco friendly clothes

1) Shop for Eco-friendly, Specialty Materials  

Many brands and stores sell their own collections made from special eco-friendly materials such as bamboo. For example, H & M is one store that sells an entire line of clothing called the Conscious Collection. All of the clothes in this line are made of organic hemp.

However, you would never guess because each item looks and feels like it was made of a soft cotton. There is nothing dowdy or "natural" about these looks either. Eco-friendly clothing does not have to look cheap or handmade in order for it to be green.

Many stores are eagerly entering the green market by providing customers with great clothing made from environmentally friendly material like hemp or bamboo.

2) Invest in High Quality Items  

Always buy high quality items when shopping. Clothing that is better made will last longer. As a result, you will not need to replace it as often. Plus, you can also take pride in the fact that you will not look cheap.

However, high quality clothing does not have to be expensive. In fact, you can get many great things on sale or second hand. You just need to keep an eye out for designer brands, solid design, and good stitching.

Classic pieces and your basics should be of the highest quality possible because you will be wearing them the most. Anything less will not worth the money.

3) Flash Fashion Failure 

Stay away from cheap stores that are just fast fashion retailers. Stores like these use factories to drum out trendy items weekly. These clothes are extremely low quality, and they fall apart easily. You should stay away from these places because you will be contributing to their affect on the planet's worsening eco system.

4) DIY  

If you make your own clothes, then you will be able to recycle old fabric. All you need is a sewing machine and some creativity to create new designs out of old things.

You can even pull inspiration from popular DIY blogs, magazines, or runways. It is amazing what trends you can recreate when you just use a little imagination and an older item you once loved!

5) Stick to Vintage Shops  

There is no need for you to buy things new if you can find a great vintage version of it. For example, if you need leather boots or a little black dress, then you should check out your local vintage store or charity shop. They are bound to have many items that are still in great condition.

These items are classic, and will never go out of style. Not only will you get a great deal, but you will be helping the Earth as well. It does not cost anything to make vintage clothing because it already exists!

Besides, buying and wearing vintage is pretty much fashion's version of recycling. All you are doing is helping the save the world one vintage dress at a time!

About the Author: Jessica Hamilton is an avid blogger that loves fashion, shopping and the environment. She enjoys finding ways to serve her community and she is always looking for ways to share her knowledge about "going green".

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  1. Saisharan2:20 PM

    Donate your unwanted clothing to charity

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  3. Tanushree2:24 PM

    Have a hole in the knee-area or below on favourite pair of jeans? Simply cut just above the knee-area with a pair of scissors, and then hem them.people who have made a nice skirt from an old pair of jeans.

  4. Donating clothes is also a good idea.


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