5 Reasons You Should Check Out Your Hair Stylist's Reputation

There are few things more frustrating than walking out of a hair salon or barber shop feeling like you just received the worst haircut of your life. Because our hair isn’t easily hidden (unless you want to wear a hat all day), it is a basic component of our personal style. Most people want their hair to look good.
Unfortunately, cutting hair is an art, and not all hair stylists are created equally capable. Don’t make the mistake of going to the wrong stylist because you didn’t do your homework and inquire about the stylist’s reputation. 
Here are five reasons you should check out your hair stylist's reputation.

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Chances are good that if a friend has a good experience, you will, too

The best way to find the right stylist is through referrals. Do you have a friend whose hair always looks great after a cut? Get her stylist’s number! 
There is a far better chance that you will have a good experience than if you go in blind. Similarly, if you do internet research and find multiple bad reviews about the stylist, it’s probably not worth taking the risk.

Ask for the best. 

When you call a salon to find a new stylist, don’t hesitate to ask for the best one. Even if you have to wait a while to get on the books, it will likely be well worth the wait. 
The salon’s recommendation is just as useful, if not more so, as that of your friend. They have more data based on happy or unhappy customers than just the one data point of your friend and her good cut.

Check  Your Hair Stylist's Reputation
Make sure the haircut you want is the haircut you get--do your research on stylists in advance

Find out about their personality and habits. 

Listen, you are stuck in a chair for quite a while at the hand of this stranger. Make sure you can deal with their personality. Do you just want quiet and they can’t help themselves but to ask a million questions? 
Are you uncomfortable with the smell of cigarette smoke, and the stylist is one who breaks after every cut to smoke a few (read: bad breath and stinky hands!). Do your online research to see if you can find out about habits that are deal-breakers. 
You can also call the salon and ask if the individual you are interested in exhibits any of the habits that are deal-breakers for you.

If the salon has had any violations, beware. 

If your stylist is associated with a salon that has had health-related violations or had to shut down for any reason, it’s well worth finding that out by doing a quick internet search on your stylist and his/her salon.

It’s always wise to check out your new stylist’s internet reputation--you have nothing to lose!

You might find out that your stylist charges different rates to different people.  

This is obviously not something you want to deal with. Find out if your stylist is a straight shooter with an internet search. 
Generally if someone has been wronged, others have, too, and one of those people is bound to write about it in a forum or review-oriented venue. It’s usually those who feel mistreated who take to writing online reviews.

In Closing

It’s always a good idea to do a little recon on a new hair stylist before taking the plunge and getting your first cut. You certainly won’t regret knowing more--you will be grateful you do if it helps you to avoid an unattractive haircut that could take months to grow out.

Cara Aley is a freelance writer who covers a wide variety of topics from internet reputation management to health and wellness to digital marketing strategies.

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