Rhea Pillai's Beauty & Health Tips

Rhea Pillai, one of India's ace models, who has walked the ramp for many a reputed fashion designer is and an Art of Living Instructor shares some of her health and beauty tips. Rhea is an ardent follower of Yoga and emphasises the correlation between health and beauty. Let's see what Rhea has got to say.

Health & Beauty Tips

Rhea Pillai's love for yoga

My mom  is a doctor. And as a result, my upbringing was obviously to the best concerning my health. I must admit that I've been a healthy person, right from my childhood and all the credit for this goes to my mom. She genuinely took great care of me.

As a model I used to travel a lot - all this together with hectic assignments did exhaust me. But then that's how life teaches you to start taking care of your health. One must understand that fatigue can be overcome through Yoga. So  I've been practicing yoga since a long time now and I must say yoga rejuvenates you.

Rhea stresses the importance of 'breath' and pranayama

The most important gift God has given in 'breath'. Sadly enough, we have just taken it for granted and never tried to use it appropriately for a healthy living. Researchers all over the world have found that humans shed almost 80 percent of toxins present in the body through breathing.

But we have not capitalized our lungs to the full extent. On an average, we use only 30 percent of our total lungs' capacity, the main reason why we fall sick. Yoga & Pranayama teach one to overcome this physical disability and helps gain that extra something to maintain good health.

Rhea And the Art of Living

I teach at the "Art of Living" and trust me various breathing exercises such as Sudarshan Kriya have worked wonders in people's lives. We humans realize things very late. Yoga has been the power of ancient sages in India. The world all over is taking to yoga in a very big way.

Rhea reiterates the importance of proper hydration & diet

The first thing in the morning I do is, drink a lot of water. It helps clean the system and keeps one healthy all the time. As regards my food habits, I do not follow any particular diet but eat wholesome, nutritious and fresh food.

Diets are for those people who are realising too late what their body needs. I am a pure vegetarian and I believe that this what keeps my beauty intact. If one follows these two things (proper hydration and vegetarianism) in life, diseases will stay far away.

This is my experience and I think that it is one of the best ways to be spiritually and physically healthy the natural way.

Rhea Pillai's tips on oral health

Now something regarding oral health. Earlier I was petrified of dentists; the reason being that they all have the most dangerous looking instruments in the world. I somehow never dared enough courage to face them for my treatments.

But having realized how important oral health is and how much it impacts one's overall health, I now don't put off visiting the dentist. Fortunately for me, I have found a great dentist buddy who puts me at ease and treats me in a special way; he has taken away from me the fear of dentists.

Now that I'm well-informed, I highly advice each & every person to take good care of the teeth,  brush and floss regularly and maintain good dental health. Do visit the dentist once in 6 months even when you are not having any problem. A fresh, clean and healthy mouth ensures good health.


Rhea's shares her beauty tips and secrets

My concept of beauty!! Well, to each his own! To me, grace is beauty.  A minimalistic clean look, which comes from all things healthy giving you that glow is my idea of a beautiful face.

A beauty tip or home-remedy that I swear by is Meditation. Deep breathing sends oxygen through your body and makes your skin glow. Beauty is certainly deeper than skin.

If you have inner beauty, it reflects on your face. And that inner beauty comes when you begin looking inside yourself in silence and realize your true self!

Final Thoughts

So do you agree with Rhea Pillai's beauty and health advice? Would you like to follow her tips on her holistic approach towards beauty and fitness?

(Guest Post by Smitha)

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  1. health tips
    ~Wake up at 6AM
    ~Have a light breakfast such as some cereal or two scrambled eggs.
    ~Eat your lunch.
    ~Come home take a break. Go for a mile walk or two. Rotate this time by running every other day as well as increasing the distance little by little. Listening to music might make the time fly by for you if you hate exercise.
    ~Have a light dinner!!
    ~Go to sleep around 9 or 10PM

  2. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Rhea's mom is no doctor. She was a Schizophrenic. Rhea has a sister who lives in London. Rhea and her sister are estranged. Rhea was abandoned by her father.

  3. Expert10:35 AM

    Check out the raw vegan food diet. It's a lifestyle, rather than just a 'diet'. You don't have to go 100% raw to reap huge benefits - at 60-70% you will be lean and vibrant, with a glow that comes from the inside - which can never be faked.


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