5 Reasons Why You’d Want A Tummy Tuck

Thousands of men and women get a tummy tuck every year. Also known as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck is an elective cosmetic surgical procedure that can dramatically improve your body contour if you’ve lost a lot of weight, have given birth, or are unhappy with the way aging has affected your body.

Here’s why people turn to a tummy tuck:

1. To Eliminate Unwanted Fat
Everyone wants to lose those extra pounds but, of course, actually doing so can be extremely difficult. Since the human body naturally works to store extra fat it’s far easier to put on excess weight than to get rid of it. Many people who struggle with their weight may look to a tummy tuck as a weight loss method but it’s important to note that this isn’t the treatment’s intended purpose. Sticking to a healthy diet and exercise regimen is the only reliable way to lose weight and keep it off over a long period of time.

Just the same, certain areas can stubbornly hold onto pockets of fat that don’t dissipate with exercise and healthy eating alone. Everyone’s body retains fat in one place or another and one of the most common areas where this occurs is around the midsection. Tummy tucks are an ideal solution for getting rid of midsection fat that fails to respond to proper nutrition and exercise. Once the procedure is complete, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help to ensure that the removed fat doesn’t return.

2. To Fix Skin That Sags and Droops
As we get older our skin naturally begins to sag. Most of us attribute the loose skin on our bodies to having gained and lost weight but this isn’t always the case. Since our skin loses its elasticity over the years, saggy areas can develop over time as a natural part of the aging process. This can be exacerbated by big changes to the body (like pregnancy or significant weight loss) but sagging will always occur on its own, even without those factors being present. All of us, regardless of how careful we are to care for our skin, will fall victim to collagen and elastin loss and, ultimately, skin sagginess..

While exercising to tone problem areas can help, a tummy tuck provides the most effective method for revitalizing sagging skin. Tummy tucks are able to remove the saggy skin plus the attached fat deposits.

3. To Fix Stretch Marks
Stretch marks, another common skin issue, form as the result of periods where the skin has been rapidly stretched (with evidence suggesting that their development is also related to hormonal imbalances). Most people will notice the development of stretch marks after rapid weight or muscle gain or pregnancy — all events that cause the skin to drastically change over a short period of time..

Because stretch marks are such a common (and embarrassing) problem, many products have been created that claim to reduce their appearance. Unfortunately, these products (usually topical agents like creams) have not been found to work particularly well. Tummy tucks are the best method for removing some stretch marks from a patient’s midsection and provide better results than any other non-invasive treatment plan. Although the procedure can’t get rid of them all, it can certainly help.

4. To Boost Your Self Confidence
Self-confidence plays a huge role in how we experience life, especially how “sexy” we feel — and how others see us. Sociology studies have examined the effects of confidence, finding that we feel better — and that others are more attracted to us — even when our outward appearance remains the same (think of how our confidence is boosted by wearing sexy underwear even when no-one else can see it)..

Boosting your self-confidence is extremely important to making you feel more attractive and helping you to get the most out of your life. A tummy tuck is able to improve your appearance — even if your midsection isn’t visible to others — in just this way. If you believe that the procedure will help you to become more confident then it’s definitely worth pursuing.

5. To Improve How Others View You
Confidence forms one part of how others perceive you but physical attractiveness, for better or worse, also plays a huge role. Sociological studies have found that an attractive person is, for one example, more likely to be helped by others while in distress. Even though it’s a pretty grim way to look at the world, an outwardly attractive appearance helps you to get through life more easily.

A more attractive appearance can’t fix everything about a person’s life but it can definitely help. The kind of improved self-confidence and better treatment that comes about through a cosmetic procedure like a tummy tuck can make life easier but cannot magically change your world. If the procedure will help to make you happier, though, it’s well worth it.

Cindy Clark is a medical consultant who also writes for Toronto’s Tummy Tuck.

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