Fatter in Winter?

image Summers are ideal for losing weight and winters are meant to laze around. Perhaps that's why people tend to put on more weight during winters. At least that's what this article from Daily Mail says. Apparently, way back in our ancestors’ time, usually the winter months were associated with famine. So that the lack of food may not affect us, we were genetically programmed to increase fat stores in autumn to help us survive — this theory being called the ‘thrifty gene hypothesis’.

 In our time, however there is an abundance of food and no famine; so we don't need the extra fat. So get off from that couch and make a few healthy lifestyle changes. Especially sit less, exercise more and pay attention towards each morsel that goes into your mouth.
(Guest Post by Smitha)

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  1. Do exercise that will tone your muscles and improve your overall well-being. I suggest that you ride a bike or go jogging, go swimming, do some active sport such as racquetball, etc

  2. Bhavana11:06 AM

    Actually a lot of people do gain weight because there is nothing to do because it is cold and they are lazy. I try and not gain weight and exercise as much as i can just like I do in the summer. It doesn't matter if its summer and she have to look great in a bathing suit. If its winter you still can go swimming and no one ( at least me ) does not want to be looking at all the fat i have gained. Thats what i think

  3. a few extra pounds are easier to disguise in the winter...and holiday treats are hard to resist...

  4. Yashodha11:08 AM

    it is harder to lose fat in the winter than it is in the summer. it is, like most things alive your bodies metabolism slows down during the winter.

  5. Joseph11:10 AM

    Exercise tapes, celery, and drink plenty of water. Shoveling snow for thirty minutes is considered moderate exercise

  6. Karuna4:20 PM

    our appetites seem to change when the days grow shorter. Some researchers say it's our primitive impulses promting us to stockpile calories for the winter ahead.

  7. Manisha4:22 PM

    I try to avoid deep fried everything because in cold weather (though its rare i have it in hot weather anyway) your body doesn't burn as much fat.


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