London Style

When it comes to London style, one only needs to channel their inner Middleton. Whether you're more inspired by Kate or Pippa, we can all agree that their style is both elegant but casual, structured but relaxed.

The Middleton's embody these qualities, the most distinctive and important features of London style.  
And the best part of London style? It's fairly easy to recreate anywhere in the world.

The Basics Londoners are known for their seamlessly blending elegance with just a touch of edge. This look is achieved by combining dark, neutral tones with an array of classic shapes: fitted, flared, loose and tailored. Semi-bold patterns paired with a neutral solid or a soft texture like suede or cashmere give the outfit visual interest but keep it grounded. Skirts and dresses paired with blazers, scarves, loose blouses and worn with stockings, boots or flats make the look both elegant but accessible.
Subtle but strong make-up in earth or jewel tones give the entire outfit a defined look without being overdone.

Recreating the London Look
Boasting names and brands like Burberry, Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood, London is a top player in the world's fashion stage. And, while the average person may not be able to afford designer clothes on a daily basis, the famed TopShop offers the same looks that make London style world renowned, but for less. London style is more about knowing how to combine basics than about actually purchasing designer labels, meaning that you can recreate an elegant London look from anywhere in the world!
Here are a few examples of how you can easily pull off a stunning London look at an affordable price!

Kate On The Go
Recreating Kate Middleton's effortless on-the-go look doesn't have to be difficult or expensive! Start with a flared trench in a dark neutral like navy blue, black or gray. Pair with black tights and black suede boots that are either flat or made with a low heel.

Accessorize with a soft scarf, fedora-style hat and black handbag. Wear natural toned makeup with a pink or tawny flair and top it off with a bit of jewelry. Kate and William totally changed the game when it comes to engagement rings. Now, we're all about color.


Her blue engagement ring is the perfect accessory for any outfit and a great way to incorporate a little color and sparkle into your favorite looks!

Coffee With Pippa
Pippa's style is inordinately fancy. She once stepped out in a pair of leggings as pants and caused an outrage. And, given her attire for grabbing coffee, the legging scandal is understandable. To draw on what makes Pippa the most fancy girl in London, you just need a few dressy staples.

Start with a fitted black skirt and top with a short-sleeve, loose blouse that fastens with buttons or a zipper. You can tuck in the top if you'd like, or leave it un-tucked. Pippa keeps it simple with an elegant pair of black flats that feature a little shine in the style of a buckle. Nude colored accessories like a handbag and small pearl earrings add a touch of freshness without going overboard. Her make up is earthy and rosy, with a subtle pink toned lip-gloss and shimmery shades of make-up with a brushing of blush. Dark sunglasses keep her look mysterious and you'll be Ultra-Pippa with loose curls, an important stride and somewhere important to go, even if it's secretly just coffee with the girls.


Soon, you'll be traipsing around your city with a London/Middleton glow. You can buy the basics anywhere and then mix and match to re-create the best London looks. All you need now is a Prince!
(Guest Post by Ashley)

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