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J.M asks:
I am a 20 year old college student from Bengaluru. I have a pretty face but my problem is that I am fat at the waist and thighs. 

This happened when I stopped dancing Bharatanatyam, which I was learning from 8 years.  But now I want to do something to acquire a svelte figure. 

I don’t want to squander exorbitant amounts by going to the gym. So can you please suggest simple, but cost- effective exercises that are best suited to reduce my thighs and waist?

fat thighs and waist


Dear J.M. It is quite obvious that dancing was keeping your figure trim. Why don’t you start practicing it again? Many people learn different dance forms not just as a hobby but also for the sheer joy of it. Besides, it’s a great stress-buster as well.  

Dancing, as you have seen,  promotes weight loss and gives you a well-toned body.  Belly dancing, especially can keep your waist and tummy in shape. So why don’t you learn  belly dancing?

 I’m sure you can find suitable places in Bengaluru where they charge decently for belly-dancing classes.  I’ve heard that belly-dancing is quite a rage in Bengaluru these days. 

Exercise, in any form, whether it is dance, yoga, pilates etc. is most essential for health and beauty.   If you ask me, one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective exercise that’s good for the thighs is cycling.

I’ve seen so many girls who commute to school/ college by cycle with such well-toned thighs and legs. Quite a few have confided in me that they have gotten rid of their thunder thighs with cycling. So why don’t you try cycling for fitness.

Cycling for at least 15-20 minutes per day or  even thrice a week will help.  For your information, cycling strengthens the back, leg, arm and stomach muscles and improves cardiovascular activity.

Cycling is considered to be a good all-round exercise as it benefits the hearts and lungs besides strengthening various muscles. 12 minutes of cycling will burn about the same amount of calories in 5 mintutes if you run fast. Read more about cycling  in this post.

Even the most busiest person can devote at least 10-15 minutes every day for exercise.  I’m sure even you can spare some of your quality time for fitness especially since you seem determined to get into shape. 

You may also try a simple squatting exercise such as this to begin with.  Squat exercises, apparently  are great for a total lower body workout.

They effectively work most of the major muscle groups of the butt, hips and thighs can be done in almost any location. They tone the legs, lift the butt, strengthen the core muscles of the body and increase joint flexibility. 

Certain  Yoga poses can also help to reduce your waist, hips and thighs. Suryanamaskar, for instance helps in toning the whole body and some of its poses are simply great for keeping the lower body lean and toned, especially the waist, abdomen and thighs.

So if you have already learnt yoga, try to do at least 3 Suryanamskars in a day and gradually increase it to 10. Within a month or two you will shed enough weight and your waist, tummy and thighs will be the envy of all.

But if you have never tried Yoga before, I suggest you begin it  under the guidance or an expert yoga instructor to avoid wrong moves and injury. Once you get it right you will feel confident enough to do it on your own.

Now if you are interested, here are some awesome  exercises and yoga poses to get in shape.  This video, especially is for reducing  inner thighs and this one for upper thighs, while this video depicts thigh dancing exercise .

These  thigh toning exercises and this  waist reduction exercise video are also wonderful. Some other asanas that’s useful for reducing thigh weight are Baddhakonasana (check this), Titali Asana (Butterfly Pose) (check this), Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) (check this),  Gomukhasna (Cow Pose) (check this), Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana) (check this) and many others.

As for waist reduction Uttana Vakrasana (watch this video)  is great as also Chakki Chalana Asana (churning the mill) (see this).  

Your yoga instructor will be able to guide you better  regarding specific exercises to tone specific body parts.

You haven’t asked anything regarding diet. But still I would want to advise you on this. 

All the time and energy that you spend in exercise will go in vain if you stuff yourself with junk & deep-fried food or consume aerated drinks. So avoid (or minimize) these.

Your diet should consist of plenty of fruits, green vegetables, low-fat yogurt (curds) or buttermilk. Have cereals and other food stuffs in smaller quantities than what you have been taking so far.

Have less of rice, potatoes and meat.  You may find the information in the following posts useful: Weight reduction diet tips, Foody tips, Fatty Facts, Lose weight in 4 weeks & Will yourself slim.

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  1. Vandita9:00 AM

    Running! Jogging! Power Walking! Absolutely the best way to lose weight through out the whole body evenly. Guaranteed.
    with a strict diet and exercise of one hour a day of cardio I lost 16 pounds in one month.
    Also make sure your drinking a lot of water, I say about 7-9 glasses a day. stay away from soda, even diet! No rice, pasta, bread, etc.

  2. The first quick way to eliminate stubborn waist and thigh fats is to raid your kitchen for junk food, and NO you are not going to eat them! Instead, you need to throw all of them away and replace them with healthy food. Instead of snacking on potato chips, think about nibbling on muesli or energy bars which is proven to be healthier than those overly fatty and salty chips. Instead of white bread, go for multi grain bread which contains less carbohydrate.

  3. Bhagya9:01 AM

    to get rid of the fat congregating around your tummy and thighs, you should make it a point to visit the public swimming pool as often as you can. If you don't know how to swim, get a swimming instructor to teach you the basics. Swimming allows all parts of your body to work out and special attention is paid to the thighs as you swim in the pool.

  4. Champa9:02 AM

    HIIT and weight training along with a good diet

  5. Expert9:06 AM

    You cannot target areas for fat loss, all you can do is exercises that promote fat loss. In fact, focusing on a specific area to try and cut fat there can make the problem worse by building up the muscle under the fat, causing it to push out more.

  6. Fatima9:07 AM

    Eat less
    Excercise more

  7. Giridhar9:07 AM

    SIT UPS. and do yoga so your whole body will be tone.

  8. Heera9:08 AM

    Take Yoga diet and exercises under an expert Yoga guide.

  9. aerobics aerobics aerobics!!!! Try belly dancing!

  10. well the waist is one of the hardest areas to lose fat from due to bad blood circulation in that area. Best way to do this is to eat low fat/sugar foods. this will lower ur body fat percentage and remove that fat.

  11. Kedar9:11 AM

    Incorporate workouts on a daily basis and get your diet in shape by eating vegetables and carbs, do more ab workouts and cardiovascular workouts and you will lost all that left over steak in front of those abs!

  12. Leela9:12 AM

    Here is a great exercise while sitting at your desk. Put your knees together, extend your hand straight and place them on your desk. Lift your knees as close as possible to your chest. Hold for 5 second. Do this 20 times. You will feel the abs tighten.
    Another great exercise is to do pushups standing up. Put your hands against the wall or a doorway.... stand about 3 feet away and start doing 20 to 40 pushups.

  13. Sweta9:17 AM

    eat no flour, no sugar.

  14. Prafulla9:18 AM

    walking on a tredmile with the incline all the way up, you can hold on, is the best way to loose weight and burn calories fast

  15. Ulhas9:21 AM

    Our bodies are not so selective in adjusting. If you exercise your whole body, which you should, you'll lose the excess fat everywhere. Dont focus on just one body part.

  16. Urmila9:25 AM

    body prefers macro-nutrients in this order - Carbs, Protein, Fat.
    Lift weights, increase your protein intake and do long low intensity aerobic exercise

  17. Pradeep9:28 AM

    1) Combine cardiovascular exercises wif strength training exercises. (10minutes warm-up on treadmill followed by any two strength exercises, etc)
    2) Follow a well-balanced diet which include Protein, Fibre & complex carbohydrates.
    3) Take Apple Cider Vinegar 1st thing in the morning 1 hour before breakfast & increase intake of Fibre.

  18. Food Expert3:25 PM

    Set realistic goals, Keep a diary of what you eat,
    Replace white breads and pastas with whole-grain varieties,Exercise and Continue working toward your weight loss goals even if you experience a setback.

  19. Ulaasa1:50 PM

    THe most effective way to burn calories is cardio so I would suggest doing a lot of cardio in the summer followed with a good diet. That should help you lose a lot of weight. You do not want to lose your muscle so you need to eat lots of protein and still lift weight during this time. It's pretty easy to find a workout program that you like so you can just search stuff for workouts. I like to do splits so like push day (chest/triceps/shoulders), pull day (back and bi's), and a leg day.

  20. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Numerous hormones contributes belly fat

  21. For much needed antioxidants and vitamins: A spoonful of thyme
    A spoonful of apple cider vinegar
    A spoonful of raw organic honey
    To Suppress the Appetite: A spoonful of coconut oil
    To Aid in Weight loss: A spoonful of ginger
    A spoonful of Turmeric.A spoonful of flax-seed
    To Boost the Immune System: A spoonful of Lemon Juice


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