Weird Laser Hair Removal Ad

Take a look at this weird Laser Hair Removal Ad by Ogilvy, Tel Aviv.


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  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    IPL means Intense Pulsed Light and is a form of laser hair removal.LHR (laser hair removal) does hurt but the intensity of the pain varies from person to person. I do NOT recommend using any kind of at home LHR/IPL kit. LHR is a medical procedure that can damage your skin. Also, there are many different kinds of lasers for different skin tones and hair density.

  2. If you get laser hair removal will the hair grow back?

  3. Smitha11:24 AM

    It depends. Sometimes it grows back. Depends on your type of hair.

  4. The hair does grow back, and usually in about 2 weeks to a month. My aunt and I started using electrolysis and we LOVE it. Its the only way to permanitly remove hair. I would really reccomend it.

  5. Joseph11:25 AM

    It is very effective and long lasting and the hairs that come back are not so thick. As others have said it works best on dark hairs, and the correct skin type so make sure your skin is suitable.

  6. Kailas11:27 AM

    it only works on dark hair - the darker the better. i know several people who were told they would need 6 sessions but 8 later and they still have hair. it does work but you have to be commited to it and it almost usually goes over the estimated sessions by about 4. the length of a session depends on the area size and pain wise its very mild - like snapping an elastiic band against your skin. expect mild redness,


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