Lazy dude’s guide to staying fit

Calling couch potatoes and mouse maniacs! The lazy dude, who is at home surfing the Net or flicking channels, needs to pull up his socks. People who drive down to the nearby mall or ride elevators to reach floors that can be climbed, need to think again. Sedentary lifestyles increase the risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure, paralytic strokes, diabetes and even some cancers.

Affirms a renowned Cardiologist, “A sedentary lifestyle can lead to rise in blood pressure, impaired glucose tolerance, higher blood lipid (triglycerides) and obesity. Obesity is an ailment in itself and its incidence is increasing in the urban teen”

No sweat dude, you needn’t press the panic button, yet. According to another renowned orthopaedic surgeon, some common sense steps can help the lazy dude breathe easy. “Walking and cycling can be the first steps towards breaking into the fitness routine. However, the individual must understand the limitations of his body. Shrtness of breath or cramps are symptoms that you are going too fast on the road to fitness. Adds anohter health care professional, “A simple measure of knowing whetehr  your exercise is working is your target heart rate. This can be guaged by monitoring the pulse rate. The recommended rate is 70 percent of ‘220’ minus your age. If you are 28, the target heart rate will be 70 percent of 192 (220-28). So, the next time you visit the paak, ensure that you walk briskly enough to reach your target pulse rate.”

According to a study, 80 percent of coronary heart diseases, up to 90 percent of type II diabetes and about one thirds of cancers can be avoided simply through lifestyle changes and enhanced physical activity. So dudes and dudettes, move your life!

10 steps to fitness
  • ·         Upto two levels, never take the elevator. But don’t try the ascent after a heavy meal.
  • ·         Walk down to the neighborhood mall. Avoid driving down to your barber.
  • ·         Mopping the floor wouldn't just keep your expenses down, it will also help your fitness.
  • ·         At the workplace, make it a point to walk down to other departments to meet people.
  • ·         Don’t just walk. Make sure that you’ve achieved a thin bead of perspiration.
  • ·         Wash your car and polish it to burn calories.
  • ·         Use that office gym!
  • ·         Touch your toes 10 times a day. Trust me, it works!
  • ·         Shoes should be cushioned to act as shock absorbers.
  • ·         At your workstation, walk and flex your back. This will ensure circulation in your limbs and keep backaches out.
(Guest Post by Shiva)

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    1. Mandavi9:03 AM

      First just don't be lazy. Find something fun to do that you enjoy and then you will find yourself getting in shape and off the couch.

    2. Pooja9:07 AM

      Stretching exercises will help:

    3. Dr. RAMAKRISHNA2:37 PM

      Seating idle is also tends to obesity

    4. Dr. chandrashekhar3:19 PM

      Try a method I use called control eating. Take whatever food you eat each day an reduce it to 1/2 of what it is. As for your rice tradition I would say since you have 3/4 a cup each day, try lowering the amount to 1/2 of a cup. :)

    5. Darshan3:21 PM

      avoid bad eating habits and stick with exercise everyday
      walking is the easiest kind of exercise you can follow

    6. Ulhas3:19 PM

      Taking snacks, oily and fatty food are some of the reasons for obesity.
      Walk 12 Kilometer (6 Km Morning and 6km Evening) in day and forget obesity.


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