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cranberry juice and fruitsYou might have tried different DIY after-shampoo hair-rinses for getting shiny, lustrous hair and I'm sure most of them have worked exceedingly well. Now another such DIY hair-rinse, that claims to give lustrous locks is actually a beauty tip from Spain.  The main ingredient of this hair-rinse is cranberry juice. To prepare this hair-rinse you have to mix one-fourth cup each of cranberry juice and water and use as a final after-shower rinse.

Spanish women also recommend using cranberries on your skin. Puree cranberries in a blender and massage this mixture all over your body while bathing. Cranberry, is rich in vitamin C and also contains tannins, flavanoids and Vitamin K; so a regular massage with cranberry puree can make your skin soft and glowing and do always with dryness and roughness. Now that winter has set in, this DIY remedy will prove all the more useful.

But if DIY recipes are not your cup of tea, then you might consider slathering cranberry body butter or cranberry body lotions such as this, this, this or this.
(Guest Post by Smitha)

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  1. Kailas10:40 AM

    Hair care experts advocate taking care of the hair a on a daily basis. Neglect can take a very heavy toll. Stress, sun damage, pollution, poor sleep, dietary deficiencies and an erratic lifestyle affect the health of hair.

  2. Jyothi10:42 AM

    The following natural ingredients are extremely beneficial to achieve luxuriant and shiny hair, easily: Honey, Banana, Coconut oil,Papaya, Olive oil and Avocado.These ingredients when used in a hair mask provide wonderful results

  3. Poonam10:43 AM

    Coconut Oil Hair Mask- Warm half a cup of coconut oil; add half a lime to it, and mix well. Apply to your scalp and also the hair. Use your fingertips to gently massage the scalp. Keep for a couple of hours, then rinse.

  4. Use Homemade Hair Masks To Get Shiny Hair Naturally

  5. Take care of your hair from the inside,take a multi-vitamin with minerals and amino acids/proteins daily,there are plenty of great vitamins out there


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