Meditate to release tension

Tension is not an illness, it is an indication of a reaction to stress. It can, however, bring out a real illness, finding its outlet in physical, nervous and mental disturbance, which affects the face. How does it start? Tension is the outcome of an inner conflict which is unresolved. It indicates a clash between impulses that demand action when simultaneously there is an inner force that stops this.

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Anxiety: In women particularly, anxiety is extremely common. It is different from fear, which is a normal emotional reaction to a definite real danger. Anxiety is a neurotic response. Most women who suffer are never quite sure exactly what it is they are so anxious about, although they list general issues such as money, the future, security, losing a job, husband, the home and growing old.
To help control anxiety, try "rationing " yourself. List the most important things to worry about and concentrate on those. Live from day to day; don't look back; don't peer into the future. Balance your anxiety with physical and mental recreations that leave little time and thought for fretting.

Women with time on their hands worry more and the more you worry, the less inclined you are to go out and take action. Try to take one major positive decision a day, starting with little things such as choosing a new sari or lipstick. It is surprising how quickly confidence can build up to enable you to face a major decision.
Accumulated tension can play havoc with your mind and body. For relieving tension one simple method is meditation

Jealousy: Is one of the most stress-causing and damaging emotions in women. It can maim the spirit and almost paralyse the will. At its most intense, jealousy cannot be controlled without the nerves going to pieces. The cure for jealousy is to see it exactly for what it is.

Depression: Women are more prone to depression than men. Many feel frustrated, bored and trapped in a house-bound monotony. Boredom is the surface state. A woman may feel she is lacking something important if she has to fit into the traditional female role, and this depresses her. Or she may expect more out of her life but what it is may not be clear to her. She feels inadequate, ineffectual and frustrated.

While it's quite common to experience mood-swings during PMS, women are more depressed after childbirth (post-partum depression), in the mid-thirties and early forties (peri-menopause) and during menopause when hormonal disturbances are significant.

Depression affects sleep; sometimes there is difficulty in getting to sleep with early waking , sometimes sleep is an escape. To overcome this problem it is necessary to force oneself to do something stimulating like taking some sport or hobby. Or just taking a long brisk walk.

Meditation: The best way to relieve tension is through pleasure, which is absorbing. This can be achieved by meditation.

Relaxation releases tension from the mind as well as the body. While the body is at rest, the mind empties itself and you emerge from meditation physically fit and more mentally alert.

It can also serve as a self-analysis lesson because when you meditate, you are forced to watch your thoughts. To sit still for 15-20 minutes to clear the mind can be difficult in the beginning. With practice, it becomes simple. During meditation there is a drop in the rate of breathing and heart activity, and the brain pattern changes to a more relaxed form. Experienced meditators say that you can even begin to see problems objectively.

The Technique
The most common type of meditation is the Transcendental  Meditation -  which uses a "mantra" to clear the mind. The rules for this meditation are simple. Choose a comfortable position. It is not necessary to sit cross-legged but once you get used to it, it helps achieve regular relaxed breathing. Breathe slowly and rhythmically, and decide which "mantra" you will use.
woman meditating
To sit still for 15 or 20 minutes can be difficult in the beginning.

Traditional mantras are like our vowel sounds ah-eh-ih-oh-uh. Repeat them all and decide which one suits you best. It is said that ah- relieves anxiety, eh-tension, ih-aggression, oh-pain and uh-sexual excitement.
Introduce the chosen sound into your mind, saying it loud at first if it helps you to concentrate. Repeat it over and over again in your head pushing out every other thought not with force but with a detached mind.
At first, the mind will run wild and other thoughts will refuse to go. Both practice and patience are needed. If you find it difficult to meditate with the eyes closed, focus on some object, a picture or sculpture.
Make yourself sit and learn the technique for a minimum of 15 minutes a day; make it a regular habit. In time, you will begin to look forward to it and find it absolutely necessary.

(Guest Post by Shashikala)

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  1. Abhijit8:45 AM

    Meditation helps with awareness and focus. You learn to act more and to react less.

  2. Maruti8:49 AM

    you concentrate on the breath as it comes in and out of the nostrils. Try to feel the air as it exits.Your mind will wander. That is normal. Don't fret it. When you notice your mind wandering, just bring it back to the breath and continue. Meditation is about awareness. It can do wonders in helping a person take control of themselves and their lives.

  3. Richard8:50 AM

    meditation can help one relieve stress and deal with the gritty details of everyday life.

  4. Do some breathing exercises. I personally sit down and take a slow deep breath and exhale slowly. I repeat this 7 times. It short, better than nothing and I find it quite helpful.

  5. Shri RAVISHANKAR8:54 AM

    some good ways to release stress
    -Hot tea
    -Get yourself lost in a book or TV show
    -Distance yourself from the things that stress you out for a minute
    -Exercise (or just go on a walk outside)
    -Talk to your dog/cat/fish/what have you (This may sound weird but it works)
    -Draw yourself a hot bath, light some candles, and inhale the steam... on a side note this works great when your sinuses are plugged up
    -Munch on something crunchy like carrots or apples

  6. Saket8:56 AM

    Meditation and music, like any other form of stress relief generally requires repeated use to achieve greater gains. Regular exercise and sports can help greatly.

  7. Pratham8:57 AM

    EXERCISE! its your best friend! sports can release your anger, cardio can trigger endorphins (which make you happier). Art can also help you express yourself. Even just sketching on the back or a receipt somewhere. Start a journal and when you get really stressed and all bottled up, unscrew the cap on the journal. it wont talk back.

  8. Shreyas8:57 AM

    taking walks, playing a sport like Basketball, or running can release stress

  9. Shripad8:58 AM

    meditation, walking and counting keeps you relaxed + calm in life

  10. Seema9:01 AM

    Most of the stress i experienced in my life was due to fear. I was unable to see the daily conflicts in a bigger perspective and i was perceiving each of them as if all my life depended on them. In the daily life, trusting God's Divine Providence is what gives the confidence that somehow life cannot be anything but good, because is supported by a powerful hand.

  11. Shailaja9:05 AM

    I’ve been a long time reader of your blog .Thank you for this post; It helped me a lot!

  12. Shivakumar Guruji9:12 AM

    Deep breathing when you feel anxiety coming on. Walk away from the little thing that is bothering you (even mentallly) and count to ten.
    Also take time out to think about things that are important to you and make you happy and when you feel yourself starting to panic about the little things, take a deep breath count to ten and concentrate on what is important to you.
    You are on the way to making things better by admitting what you do.

  13. I found when I used to worry about quite important things,putting them aside did the trick, eg. taking an idea out of thin air, and imagine it in your hand, then tossing it into thin air, then imagine a belief in a pizza/pie cutter where nothing really matters, and you know it's there.

  14. Pratibha9:18 AM

    Is strong feeling of jealousy a form of stress?

  15. Smita9:18 AM

    Absolutely, all emotion is stress, real security lowers it.

  16. Nileema9:24 AM

    i going thru the depression. well, i pray to God that all my issues will go away, and maybe be a whole new person for Him. you have to trust Him, if u want to overcome your depression.

  17. Shrirang8:45 AM

    Brilliant, thanks!

  18. Wajid8:34 AM

    Very interesting thanks :)

  19. Archana8:36 AM

    Fantastic post, very much useful information. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days. I am going to subscribe your blog.

  20. Anonymous8:58 AM

    signs of depression or an anxiety disorder Nervous or "empty", Guilty or worthless, Very tired and slowed down, You don't enjoy things the way you used to,Restless and irritable, Like no one loves you AND Like life is not worth living

  21. Anonymous11:10 AM

    saffron is also said to be beneficial in reducing depression.

  22. Viraj9:47 AM

    The best way to get over depression is by seeing a psychiatrist. They can give you the most help

  23. Varadaraj9:49 AM

    Deep breathing exercises like pranayama and meditation tend to have a soothing effect on the mind. It helps declutter negative emotions and thoughts and is effective in reducing stress and anxiety.

  24. Yoga Teacher11:00 AM

    Deep breathing exercises like pranayama and meditation tend to have a soothing effect on the mind. It helps declutter negative emotions and thoughts and is effective in reducing stress and anxiety.

  25. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Whole body hot baths can cause a significant improvement in depression (International Journal of Hyperthermia. 8(3):305; 1992). Perform the bath daily for five days, skip two days, and give a second and then a third series of five baths. Get the mouth temperature up to 102ยบ F.

  26. Avoid crash diets for weight reduction. Depression often follows such programs. Maintain a regular meal schedule and never eat even a peanut between meals.

  27. Expert2:40 PM

    basic steps to cope with anxiety.
    Proper Diet, Sleep Well,Talk to People, Exercise,. Pamper Yourself and Think Positive:

  28. Prabha2:46 PM

    "Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person's thoughts, behavior, feelings and sense of well-being." With that being said, depression is a state of mind, not a symptom or medical condition. You need to set goals for yourself and surround yourself with people who care for you. Stay active, positive, eat healthy and have fun. If you feel you need someone to talk to there are psychiatrist and psychologist that can possibly help. Harming yourself isn't a solution to depression.


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