Homemade Summer Facial to rejuvenate your skin

Summer is at it's peak and you are desperately seeking measures to stay cool. But despite adequate precautions, and care, your skin never looks the same. The scorching rays of the sun, somehow, manage to wreck your skin. Now your skin isn't exactly sunburnt,  dehydrated or horribly tanned, but it looks a bit dull, lifeless and patchy. A luxurious pampering session at a spa will works wonders but it will be a burden on your already strained purse. So, for an awesome summer-glowing skin, a better idea is to treat yourself with homemade masks and scrubs made with inexpensive ingredients from your kitchen. This particular homemade facial mask / scrub too will make you look and feel better than ever.
Simple Homemade Summer Facial
Mix all the ingredients really well, and apply it on your already clean, wet face, avoiding the undereye area. Let it stay for around 3 minutes. Then gently scrub the mask onto your facial skin with your fingers using circular movements to exfoliate. Then with a wash cloth dipped in warm water gently remove the mask and finish off by splashing cool water on your face.
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(Guest Post by Smitha)
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  1. Amitha8:20 AM

    mix a little sugar and honey together and put it on you face and massage it in. Rinse in warm water. The sugar is an exfoliate and the honey re hydrates. Its sticky but all natural and wonderful

  2. Suvidha8:26 AM

    You can scramble some eggs and make an egg mask for your face.

  3. Shanta8:27 AM

    Another method is to massage the face with the skin of lemon before washing with lukewarm water.

  4. all that you would need is to even up ur tone by a facial toner; try VMV hypoallergenics skin products they are so good!!! and also use sunblock for that healthy glowing skin. Using a sun protection doesn't mean it would make Ur skin lighter, it is to prevent the sun from damaging ur skin and cause it to have uneven tone and have a rough texture.also try to use a bronzer to add the glow on your skin. ^_^

  5. Mayonaise or mashed banana are really good.
    Also, avocado works wonder.

  6. Christina8:32 AM

    milk and oatmeal for dry skin
    cucumber and avocado for anti aging
    and silver or white are the summer colors for nails i prefer white there is always the red fall back every woman feels sexy with red

  7. Sukruti8:40 AM

    strawberry and yogurt blended up

  8. I want to try a seaweed one. homemade. it might be interesting

  9. I don't use homeade ones but i like the morning burst one by clean and clear.

  10. Madhuri8:21 AM


  11. Urmila8:40 AM

    apply wheat grass powder mixed with raw milk.


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