Become Gorgeous by making the most of yourself

We have all come across the kind of woman who makes heads turn, who walks tall, who sweeps into a room, beams with confidence and transmits the notion that she's gorgeous - when on closer inspection, she isn't actually stunningly beautiful at all.

This is the sort of woman who is aware of her worth - and she is sending out the right signals, so others are aware of it, too! One of the ways in which this is done is by "positive posture".

The way you move, stand and sit matters if you want to look and be more confident. So try the old shoulders-back-ballet-dancer walk, or sit and stand tall whenever you feel nervous. (Read Correct Posture gives you grace and Grace in gait.)

You'll be giving yourself a psychological advantage because you'll automatically feel more imposing. On the other hand, if you slouch, you will give the impression that you're apologising for your existence.

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Smile with Style:
A big, broad smile is the best confidence booster. When you smile, you're giving off signals that suggest you're relaxed. Breaking into a big grin eases tense facial muscles and so you'll feel less nervous and unsure of yourself.

Be bold and beautiful:
Bold, bright and clear make-up colours always make one look confident. Red lips with smoky eyes is  is a sure-fire way to get you noticed in parties and on special occasions!

Of course, the truly confident woman never slavishly follows makeup and fashion trends, so if  a natural, no make-up look is what appeals to you, then go for it by all means -- naturalness is always appreciated.

You can choose softer colours - an eyeshadow slightly darker than your eyelid color,  black mascara and tinted lipbalm; this will give you a natural, yet sensual look.

Give yourself a headstart:
Nothing can drain your confidence more than limp, lifeless, lank hair, so make sure your hairstyle is doing the most for you. Why not try one of the new salon treatments to give your hair a lift?

Glossy, just-washed hair always makes you feel good. Henna conditions the hair and gives it body and bounce. True confidence in your hair comes from knowing your style will stay put.

Get fresh:
Most Toothpaste ads on Television associate fresh breath with confidence and they really hit us in our most vulnerable spot. Almost nothing diminishes our confidence as much as worry about less-than-fresh-breath! 

An unhealthy constitution, with problems such as constipation and tooth decay is one's worst enemy. So ensure that you have good oral hygiene.

Take these tests to find out if you have bad breath.  If you are indeed suffering from bad breath (halitosis), then your dentist is the person to see.

Teeth harbour plaque and bacteria and if you have a breath problem as a direct result of poor dental health or if you have signs of gum disease, a restorative program can be devised for you. (See also: Home Remedies for bad breath)

No one can feel self-assured if they feel less than fresh. So a daily bath or shower, as well as a routine once-over with the deodorant, are important if you want to feel good all day.

It is a good idea too to remove underarm hair (Yes, even when you're back in long sleeves) as hair traps the secretions that can cause odour.

Stress decreases perspiration because the eccrine glands, designed to regulate body heat, respond to emotional stimuli like anxiety. To try to avoid those clammy feelings that drain confidence - avoid wearing extremely tight or body-hugging clothes on important occasions.

And make sure you use an antiperspirant to cut down on stickiness.

When it comes to choosing a fragrance to boost your confidence, the experts in the psychology of perfume suggest you should go for something calming but uplifting like rose, geranium, cedarwood or spice. Many perfumes billed as being for the "new bold woman of today" major on these ingredients.

Speak well:
How you speak is as important as how you look when you are trying to build up self-confidence. Many of us feel unsure of ourselves if we have to speak in public. Giving a presentation at work, speaking up in a job or even making a speech at a birthday party can be very nerve-racking.

Nowadays professional speakers like broadcasters, etc learn techniques from public speaking and voice training classes, which cover subjects like creating confidence, sending out the right signals and so on.

If you want to feel confident, and come across well when you speak, you must breathe from the stomach, not the chest and breathe out deeply as you start to speak.

Pausing, while you speak, is also very important. Most of us babble when we are nervous and keep on speaking even when we have said all that we need to say. This always gives the impression that we're aware of our limitations and are trying to compensate for them.

If you mumble, you might come across as too shy or too arrogant. It's the same with eye-contact - try to maintain eye contact when you speak, otherwise you can seem too timid or too wrapped in yourself.

Women also tend to talk with their heads on one side - this looks too much like "Daddy's little girl". You'll look more powerful and confident if you hold your head straight and don't make any fussy gestures.

And never be afraid to smile at people. It gives a good impression and puts everyone at ease!

(Guest post by Geeta H.)

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