How to get Gorgeous for Valentine’s Day

Depending on what your honey has in store (a night on the town or an evening in for the two of you), you’ll probably want to go to some lengths to look your best (both in and out of your clothing). And while there is no doubt quite a bit of grooming that you can do on your own, you might need a little help in some areas.

Besides which, why not spoil yourself (and your man) with a mini-makeover that makes you look and feel great? If you’re looking for a way to get over-the-top gorgeous this Valentine’s Day, here are just a few services you may want to avail yourself of.


1. Mani-pedi.

Get rid of those calluses and cracks and shellac your nails to perfection. There is almost nothing more feminine or enticing than a beautifully manicured set of hands touching him all night.

If you do everything else on your own, pay the money to have a professional take care of this one detail. As a bonus, you get to relax and enjoy someone else doing your nails for a change.

2. Facial.

This is best done a few days before the event, since extractions and scrubs can leave your face raw and red for a couple of days before your skin clears up. But the payoff is that you hit date night with nary a blemish and you can show up with a beautiful natural glow with very little effort on date night.

3. Professional hair and makeup.

Pampering yourself is never as fun as when you come out looking like you’re ready for your close-up. So book some time at your favorite salon (better do it quick; their date book for February 14th is probably pretty full) and get the works.

You’ll walk out looking fabulous and all you need to do is throw on a dress and some heels to get the show on the road. Just one tip: book early in the day if possible since the salon is likely to get backed up for this busy holiday.

gorgeous woman dressed for valentine's day

4. One-of-a-kind scent.

Some women have a signature scent. If you’re one of the many who hasn’t found it yet, consider visiting a perfume counter to see if you can find one that’s just right for your personal body chemistry. Most men don’t like anything too sweet or strong, and unless you want to smell like your dude, skip the musky undertones.

Stick to a light floral for instant appeal (the original Escada is a nice choice) or go for something with a mixture of fresh, warm, and exotic scents, like Chanel No. 5 (a complex classic that any woman can embrace with hints of vanilla, rose, jasmine, and citrusy neroli). Pick from this list of sexy fragrances to get your sweetheart's blood plumping and drive him crazy.

5. The Brazilian (and then some).

You can’t deny that most guys are turned on by a fuzz-free lady. So why not go all out and get your legs, arms, eyebrows, and unmentionables waxed?

Sure it’s painful (isn’t all beauty, in some way?) but if you’re looking to bring a little something extra to the night’s festivities, it’s beats dying the carpet red and shaping it like a heart (which will take a lot more effort to undo later on).

You can always camouflage it in holiday undies, like the amazing gift that it is (if only he knew how you suffer on his behalf).

Contributed by Carol Montrose

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