Five Hair Oils For Skin And Hair (My experience)

While thinking of writing an article on Beauty and Personal grooming I really had to think hard because this blog is a hub of all the beauty, skin and hair care remedies .

A serious thanks to the blog owner who gave me an opportunity to write about my hair oil experience so here I go.

Using oil on skin and hair has been an old tradition in India and I myself have used many oils for my skin, hair and food. Every oil has its own benefits and purpose and one can reap its benefits according to the person’s requirement.

So let me list down five oils which I have often used and explain how they have benefited me.
1. Sesame oil
I first started with Fab India sesame hair oil which helped in making my hair soft and smooth right from the first time I applied it. Regular use of the oil made my hair darker too.
I was pretty impressed with this oil so I also bought Forest essential extra virgin sesame oil which I used on my skin and body. My skin is oily and acne prone even at the age of 25… ok fine not 25 but 26  :P It absorbed the oil beautifully and this cleared off acne too. Seriously, I couldn’t believe myself but it helped in reducing acne! Also, I use this oil every day as a night cream before going to bed and voila my skin has never been this smooth and soft :)

2. Baby oil
I have often used baby oil to remove my makeup and it is the lightest oil I have ever come across. It removes waterproof mascara and eyeliner in seconds and even in horrible Delhi winters, it keeps my body skin well moisturized and healthy. I just massage it on my body before going to bath and never feel the need to use anything other than a light moisturizer on my skin during harsh winters.

 3. Almond oil
I used Patanjali (Baba Ramdev) almond oil, which claims to be 100% pure, when I was suffering with dandruff and it helped in reducing that problem. With this I also used curd and fenugreek powder pack and then never came across any dandruff problem.
Further, whenever I am tensed I just drop one or two drops of oil in my nose before going to the bed. It relaxes me a lot. This I learnt in an Ayurvedic center where she used to drop pure almond oil in patients’ noses who were suffering from depression. However, I will advise you to consult your physician before doing it.

4. Coconut oil
I used coconut oil and curry leaves in my hair before washing my hair when I was suffering from hair fall. Continuous use of this oil reduced the hair fall. I used Baba Ramdev Patanjali coconut oil only for this problem. It is 100% pure and so light that when one of my friends, who has dry skin, used it on her skin at night, it made her skin super soft. Although when I used it on my skin, it made me feel greasy so I avoided it after a while.
How I used the oil – I boiled some curry leaves in the oil for a few minutes and stored it in a bottle. I used to warm the oil whenever I applied it on the scalp and hair. I massaged it gently and wrapped my hair with a hot towel (soak and squeeze the towel in water and then warm it for a minute in microwave). I washed the oil with any mild shampoo as usual.

5.Olive oil
I used olive oil most of the time to make hair packs as I find it little too thick for my oily skin but if one has dry skin then it can do wonders for them.For the hair pack take 5tbsp. of olive oil and 4tsp of honey.Mix them together and apply it in your hair.
Wrapped my hair with a hot towel and keep the pack for 15-20 minutes on my hair .Washed as usual but it dosn’t require 2 time shampooing as honey is little sticky .Packs smoothens my hair and with this pack I don’t mind blow-drying or using straightener 2-3 times a week.

Here I end my hair oil story and thanks APARNA so much for giving me an opportunity to write this post. If you want to know more about hair packs then visit my small makeup , beauty and product review blog WiseShe.

(Guest Post by Anamika from WiseShe)

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  1. Thanks Anamika for sharing your experiences with oils. It was a pleasure reading your post.

  2. Anonymous2:06 PM

    hi anamika, my hair are falling too much n its becumga reason of my stress...nothg is helping me, pls give me some remedies so that it will help me reduce my hair fall problem. also my hair baby cut n wont grow after tha..what should i do to grow the length of my hairs. pls help :(

    Anamika Gupta (age 21) :( pls help

  3. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Try using patanjli amla hair oil and meera powder as sampoo, it will work like chram...really now my hair are dark ,no grey hairs and thick..


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