Interesting gemstone facts

Did you know that - woman thinking
-  topaz helps with bad breath? Hold a topaz in the mouth for 15 minutes in the morning before the Sun rises!

- Pearl extract has anti-ageing and remineralising properties?

zircon-   that you can keep your complexion clear and overcome body odour by wearing a zircon next to the skin? Water in which a zircon has been soaked is believed to be beneficial for women who have difficulty conceiving.

amethyst - you can alleviate an headache by rubbing an amethyst on your forehead? Amethyst is also believed to ward off negative energies and soothes anxiety. Amethyst jewelry is also recommended for those recovering from alcoholism or other substance addictions.

Emerald -  wearing Emerald jewelry  alleviates back-pain, rheumatism sinus problems and also soothes the eyes and helps with vision problems. Especially good for those recovering from liver diseases as it is believed to have a detoxifying effect on the liver.

(Compiled by Smitha)

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