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The gorgeous actress Anjana Sukhani (read her bio here) with peaches and cream complexion and glowing skin highly relies on granny's kitchen cupboard beauty remedies. For a glowing complexion, she uses a face pack of curds (yogurt) and lemon mixture. Her advice to those interested in skin lightening/ brightening: "This lemon-curd mixture home-remedy works amazingly well and bleaches your skin to reveal a glowing, radiant skin. Curds/Yoghurt is a mild exfoliator and hence is very gentle on the skin. Don't ever use those OTC chemical cream bleaches as it harms the skin in the long run and eventually darkens it. " Her regular beauty routine comprises of cleansing, toning and moisturizing and she uses Rose water as a toner. "Besides this, a positive attitude, zest for life and the ability to stay poised under all circumstances  is also needed to add that extra glow on your face.", quips Anjana.

(Guest Post by Smitha)

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  1. Narmada9:55 AM

    just follow some simple procedures and u will have a glowing beautiful face.
    Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.
    Wash your face on an hourly basis(ie once in 3 hours)
    Take steam bath once a week
    Prepare a mix of gram flour + turmeric(a pinch) + water ; rub it on to your face...n then wash it off..."" this really helps""
    For your lips:
    Eat raw tomatoes...u'll gradually get that natural pink color.
    Include salads in your diet( season is not an issue)
    Continue using honey on your lips..

  2. Sampada9:56 AM

    for glowing skin in winters mix equal quantities of rose water,lemon juice and glycerin and apply all over body including face before going to bed.
    another thing u can do is to take steam bath once a cleans the skin and helps it glow.
    but be careful...DO NOT use the lemon,rose,glycerin solution immediately after the steam bath.
    for pink lips grinding rose petals and apply on the lips every night.
    beetroot juice also helps but the taste is awful.
    so now u choose ur option.

  3. Kirthy9:56 AM

    For that perfect skin look start with foundation that is an exact match to your skin tone. Use this to cover up redness, uneveness, or imperfections. Next use concealer to get rid of dark circles under the eye. After this use powder to get rid of shine. Use bronzer after this for that glow you are looking for! Good Luck!

  4. Susan Khan10:00 AM

    You can transform your skin into a super smooth, soft, supple, and glowing skin by using these home remedies.
    First drink lots of water..
    Mash a banana with milk and apply on face and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it with cold water to get a skin that will glow.
    Apply honey on your face and neck for 20 minutes. Wash it with cold water. Your skin will glow and become soft and smooth.
    Mix egg white with honey and apply on the face for 20 minutes. Wash it with cold water.
    Make a paste of one teaspoon of walnut powder, honey and lemon juice. Scrub your face with this paste and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it with cold water.
    After a shower apply vaseline over your entire body. Shower again after one hour. Repeat twice a month.

  5. Chandrka10:00 AM

    use 1 tsp of lemon juice, 1 tsp of glycerin and 1 tsp of rose water, just mix it and keep the mixture in the sunlight for a day (remember to place the cap on the bottle)
    apply the mixture on your face (or hands) before going to sleep at night and wash it in the morning.

  6. Radhika10:01 AM

    take besan 2tbs pinch of turmeric powder , 1 egg, 1tbs malai,n mix with rose water n make a facepack leave for 10 mins n wash off with lukewarm water .this will help ur skin glow.

  7. Maitreyi10:03 AM

    there are three types of food : go, grow, and GLOW :D:D eat them kind of foods.
    i also got a mail from a friend that advices to eat fruits BEFORE meal, (because fruits are easily digested and is ready to go out, but if food is blocking it then it'll spoil in your tummy) the result of fruits and it's benefits can be seen when you eat it BEFORE you main course, anywhere, it was said that if you eat fruits properly you have mastered the secret to longevity and beauty, it was also said that just three days of proper fruit fast would also give you a glow, and your friends would tell how radiant you are.

    of course, this kind of thing must be done religously, as in continously and constantly.

    also drink lychee tea, because one sales lady told me that drinking lychee tea would give you a younger looking skin.

    all of this are just advices told to me, i haven't tried them yet mainly because i haven't got the time to buy any fruits or them lychee tea's.

    you could try them though and see if they're right. what do you have to lose? :D

  8. Mix papaya with tomoto juice and apply to the face and neck leave it 20 minutes wash with cold water do not put soap or anything else upto 1hour. Try to drink more water and eat the fruits and vegitables.

  9. Kapila10:04 AM

    Mix one cup of sugar with 1 tablespoon fresh lemon / lime juice. While taking bath, lather your body and face heavily with a soft soap like Dove. Scrub the whole body and face with the sugar mixture on the lather.

  10. u can try potato for instant glow in the skin , trust me it works take a potato n cut a thin slice of it slow rotate the potato on ur skin once it becomes dry cut another thin slice frm it n throw it n thn again rotate it on ur skin keep continueing till u finish the entire potato n thn wash with cold water u wil hav glow on ur face
    u can also try a mixture of gram flour, curd and lil turmeric this also helps u a lot u can try it on ur entire body with more quantity put it all over let it dry and rinse it works wonders,,,,,,,,,,try these tips out

  11. use tomato 4 instant glow on ur skin.

  12. Sindhu10:07 AM

    • Apply gram pulse flour in the morning. It will make even rough skin soft and the color becomes fair.
    • Make a mixture of 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice and glycerin and apply it on the darkspots to get rid of them
    • Skin peels help in renewal of your skin and take away the tan giving you a smoother, fresher and lighter skin. These systems are based on naturally occurring fruit fatty acids which gently exfoliate your sun-damaged skin and stimulate regeneration. However, it is important to choose the right peel system
    Also, it’s a good idea to know your skin. Hey I have heard that Kaya Skin clinic is giving some cool treatments

  13. I believe that the only thing that can truly bring out the radiance and glow of your skin is to change what you put into it. If you consume junk, you will look like junk. If you consume good healthy things than you will look good and healthy.... it's as simple as that. There are NO quick tips for glowing skin. It's a process.

  14. Hritik10:10 AM

    I eat a bowl of steamed vegetables (mostly greens) daily to help skin complexion (broccoli, bok choy and carrots). If you want glowing skin, green vegetables are the best (spinach,broccoli, bok choy, silver-beet etc).

    Fruit is also good. With fruit juice, I buy fresh juice from the chilled section of the supermarket and not that dead concentrated juice on the shelves. Fresh juice might cost extra but it's much more healthier and tastes better.

    I get itchy skin in winter and occasional xma. I get special oat soap from the chemist that doesn't strip the skins natural oils like normal soap does.
    You could also use some moisturising lotion for you face and hands. You might find something good at a health food store that's more natural and not chemical.

  15. Aravind10:11 AM

    Apply raw Carrot paste on your face for 1 hour daily for 1 month will provide glow on your face. Also apply Orange juice to your face for i hour daily will make your face skin smooth & soft.
    Tomato juice 50 ml + Lemon juice 5 ml , apply on your face & wash after 1 hour with water.
    Intake of 10 ml Honey mixed with 20 ml Rose water daily will clear the stains on face skin.
    If you follow the suggestions regularly for 2 month your problem will be resolved & you will feel improvements after 15-20 days.

  16. For healthy skin make a deep moisturising bath soak. Chop the foot of an old pair of tights fill with two or three cups of powdered milk and a generous handful of oats, tie the opening and place under tap of warm water. I would use soap unless it's made with completely natural ingredients.

  17. Damini8:36 AM

    how can i get the skin glowing..i don't apply make up at all.....but i want my skin glow

  18. Pavani3:38 PM

    Sour cream mask for about 5 mins
    for baby soft clean skin


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