Tottering in heels - Fashion faux pas

woman tottering in heels
Have you seen women who are not at all comfortable in heels but nevertheless wear them?  Their gait resembles a building that's about to collapse, but unmindful of scoffing glances and snide remarks from others, they sashay around, proudly showing off their new 5-inch stilettos. Now can there be a more ludicrous fashion faux pas than this?

If you don't know to walk properly in heels, don't bother to wear them or at least practise walking in them for a few days and only when you are confident of yourself, start wearing them at parties and in public places. Also when buying heels, make sure they are firm and sturdy. Walk around a bit to make sure they support your weight and don't wobble as you walk. See this interesting video.

Source:Shoes:How To Walk In High Heels

(Guest Post by Dhanya)

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  1. Kelly8:54 AM

    I feel incredibly sexy wearing stilettos, they accentuate the outfit I wear.

  2. Melissa8:56 AM

    High heels are pointless and stupid. Especially when it comes to designer names. All they carry is $100-200 price tag!

  3. Cindy9:04 AM

    To get better at walking in high heels, try to vacuum when you are wearing them; it will strengthen your calf muscles and you soon you'll feel more comfortable in heels. This is what is suggested to contestants at most beauty pageants.

  4. Naomi9:07 AM

    There are numerous foot ailments related to wearing high heels. Some of the most common ones are metatarsalgia (ball of foot pain), bunions, callous and corns, Achilles Tendonitis, hammertoe, and many others. Please refer this page.


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