How to Avoid the Biggest Dating Faux Pas: Bad Breath

Imagine this: You have a hot date and decided to pull out all the stops with this one—you're all dolled up, spent hours on in perfecting your hair, makeup, and nails. Your clothes hug your body in all the right places. You look like perfection. Everything is on point— that is, everything except for your horrendous breath. If you hope your date won't mind because everything else is flawless, think again. This is because according to research, the importance of dental hygiene and a clean fresh breath surpasses all other grooming habits such as a having brushed hair and fashionable clean clothes. The importance of dental hygiene even triumphs over the traditional romantic advances such as having lit candles, playing soft romantic music and dimming the lights in a room.
man embarrased by bad breath

To put into perspective how important dental hygiene is to ensuring that a date goes smoothly, the study (which was administered by American marketing firm Kelton Research) discovered that most people would be more repulsed if their dates (or partners) refused to brush their teeth for week than if their date passed on wearing deodorant, didn't clip their jagged finger or toenails, or even refused to a shower for the same amount of time.

woman with bad breath
If you have bad breath—you might just ruin your chances with Mr. Amazing.

So even if you’re a female Romeo, if you have bad breath—you might just ruin your chances with Mr. Amazing. Thus, it's important that you keep your breath kissable and that smile in tip top shape at all times. To learn how, follow these tips below.

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub. What you need to first realize is that you cannot depend on breath mints, gum, or mouthwash to correct the problem. This is only a temporary fix—it'll mask the issue for a few minutes, an hour at most, but it won't correct the issue. The only true way to get rid of halitosis is to get rid of all the bacteria inside of your mouth. This means not only brushing your teeth two to three times a day at two minute intervals, but also scrubbing the inside of your cheeks, gum line and most importantly your tongue—here is where most of the bacteria will start to collect. If you don't feel comfortable using the same toothbrush on your grimy tongue, then use an entirely different one or invest in a tongue scraper. Don't forget to floss as well. Flossing will remove the bacteria and plaque that your toothbrush can't reach—inside the crevasses of your teeth. If you don't remove this plaque or bacteria, you risk contracting all sorts of gum diseases and tooth decay. Good luck getting a date then.


Change Your Diet. Sometimes bad breath is caused by the foods that we eat. While garlic, onion, coffee and curry may be a staple part of your diet, there are some foods that can counteract those bad breath causing odors. For example, foods packed with vitamin C such as lemons, oranges, and berries are known to fight bad breath. Snacking on cinnamon sticks can also help kill the bacterium that causes bad breath since it releases special halitosis-fighting oils. Chewing on raw parsley, basil and of course the notorious mint leaf will also help you get rid of bad breath as well.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. Lastly, in order to help fight bad breath it's important that you drink lots of fluid—more specifically lots of water. This is because if your mouth is particularly dry, this will prevent the formation of saliva. And if there is not enough saliva, the extra food particles and bacteria will remain on your teeth instead of getting flushed down your throat. Thus the bacteria will build up on your teeth and cause a very foul smell.

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  1. Nandita3:44 PM

    or the bad breath:
    try mint and gum.switch your gum every 30 minutes or when the gum's mint effect is gone. most importantly,go to your dentist.

  2. Suguna3:45 PM

    Chew parsley leaves for bad breath

  3. Sumanth3:46 PM

    The "material" you are talking about comes from the bacteria that grow on the top of the tongue. These bacteria grow and produce sulfur compounds that smell bad as well as produce a product which I will call soft plaque. Good oral hygiene is all that is needed. Brush and floss your teeth and clean the top of your tongue with a high quality tongue cleaner. Look into one called OraBrush at http// Don't just cover up bad breath with mints, gums, mouithwash because they do not get rid of bad breath, they just cover it up for a short time.

  4. Dikshita3:48 PM

    I know taking a big spoon on honey right before you sleep helps tremendouslly, also chewing some raw cilantro or parsley leaves before you sleep and swalowing them also helps alot

  5. Mithun3:49 PM

    Binaca, scope, mints, peppermint gum, lavoris, dentyne, toothpaste,
    cloves, don't eat goat a**, or how about listerine?

  6. Mangala3:50 PM

    The best way to avoid is the brush 3 times a day:
    1) after u get up in the morning
    2) after lunch in the afternoon
    3) after dinner, and then dont eat anything..

    You will soon see a change... Even use listerine mouth wash twice a day, if you can.

  7. Swati3:51 PM

    You do want to drink a lot of water. If you dont like regular water, (I dont), just get those little drop ins or drink sugar free flavored water. The point of it is you dont want to dehydrate cuz it makes for stinky breath.
    Hunger can also cause bad breath cuz of your stomach acids.


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