Home remedy to reduce redness from pimples - Reader's Contribution

pimpleIt's freakingly annoying to see a red pimple, making its appearance, all of a sudden, on a prominent position on your face. The accompanying redness, swelling and  pus-filled whitehead makes it look even more ugly. But do resist the urge to pop it for you may end up with a far more uglier scar or blemish. Here's one home-remedy that has worked for me. Not only does it reduce the redness from pimples, but it also heals pimples faster and flattens them quickly without leaving ugly scars.

Lemon juice remedy to reduce redness from pimples and heal pimples faster

The recipe:
Squeeze out the juice of about five fresh lemons. Strain it twice. Add 1 teaspoon of table salt and two tablespoons of rose water to it. Mix well and bottle it. You can store it for a week in a refrigerator.
red pimple Whenever you require, take a little of the above mentioned lemon juice mixture and dab it on the red pimple spots with cotton wool. It will  sting for a while and if your skin is extra sensitive you may even experience a burning sensation; so be aware. Let it remain for 15 minutes. Then wash it off with cold water and gently place an ice cube wrapped in a clean cloth over those areas for a minute or two. Then dab on rose water (buy here), aloe gel (buy here) or honey over the spots. Repeat this treatment at least twice a day and within a week your pimple /pimples should vanish without a trace. (Also read Homemade Face packs to lighten blemishes, Simple ways of acquiring a blemish-free complexion and Sandalwood to treat acne.)

Other remedies that help with pimple redness are application of a minty toothpaste and leaving it overnight and the good old aspirin tablet mask.
(Contributed by Urvashi)

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  1. Kirthy8:56 AM

    Applying garlic paste over the red spots also helps, but it stings a lot but it does clear up the acne redness and inflammation,at least for me.

  2. shelly9:12 AM

    Use an anti itch ointment such as hydrocortisone ointment 1% to reduce redness

  3. I would suggest washing with a good acne face wash, and then apply acne cream. Also take an ice pack off/on for moments at a time around the clock.

  4. Try putting some Visine eye drops on it.

  5. Tulasi5:24 PM

    I have heard that you can put visine on the pimple and that should reduce the redness.
    If it works for your eyes to reduce redness why not a pimple.
    give it a try

  6. Expert5:25 PM

    A quick fix is to dab Visine on the offending areas. It will shrink the blood vessels in your skin the same way it does in your eyes. Keep the skin moisturized to prevent over-drying, which will just make things worse. If you're brave enough, dab a small bit of tinted acne cream on the area...the double-duty action will keep the pimple under cover, AND clear it up faster.

  7. Nisha5:25 PM

    If you put honey on it that helps Also if you don't have honey use the juice of a raw papaya And also Potato skin if you rub that on your face also helps!

    Also if you have none of those ingredients than get some Lime Juice and mix it with a glass of boiled milk and use it as a face wash! tell me if it helps!

  8. Shruti5:28 PM

    Ice is the best way to reduce the redness

  9. Veena5:29 PM

    use aveeno calming face wash.

  10. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Hydroquinine will reduce redness. Some over-the-counter products have it in small amounts, but your dermatologist can prescribe a stronger hydroquinine cream. Also, not touching your pimples will help make them less red.

  11. ANUSHREE5:31 PM

    cotton ball soaked with visine and hold it on the pimple for about 4 to 5 minutes the results wont be instant but within 15 20 minutes the redness will be noticable better

  12. Make a paste with an aspirin tablet and a little water. Leave it on as long as you can and just wipe it off when you need to be "presentable"

  13. Indira5:33 PM

    use coritizone cream. it reduces redness.

  14. Harshada5:33 PM

    salycylic acid and a visit to the dermatologist for long term treatment.

  15. Take a cloth and submerge it in boiling hot water, let it cool for about 5 minutes, and then apply it on the pimple. It should reduce the redness significantly. Leave it on for about 10 minutes or until it gets cold so the pore will close up. Blocking bacteria from worsening the pore.

  16. Soumya9:26 AM

    To remove the redness from pimples, rub a tiny spot of visine on the pimple.

  17. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Sensible diet, good hygiene and low stress should keep acne away.

  18. makeup, ice on it, let a fan blow on it, and if your desperate pop it and then put makeup on it.

  19. Very nice tip..i think i will try this from today as i have some pimples on my cheek area.

  20. Jennifer4:04 PM

    I finally was able to get the turmeric roots from an Ayurvedic store.i am on my third day of trying this acne-remedy.i noticed that many of my angry-red acne has reduced to smaller size

  21. Unnati8:28 AM

    I really enjoy your website.


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