Facial exercises

Here is a collection of some easy-to-do facial exercises. These exercises are for specific areas of the face.

Start by practicing in front of your mirror until you have all the movements firmly in mind.

Do these exercises easily with concentration but without deliberate, intense movements.

Don’t do these exercises for more than 5-10 minutes a day, more may stretch the skin.

#1 To relax forehead wrinkles

Raise your eyebrows as high as possible and lower them abruptly. Do this eight times.

#2 To relax wrinkles around the eyes

a) Turn your eyes to the right, and then to the left; roll your eyes up and then down.

b) Look in the mirror and blink, 'pursing’ your eyes.

#3 To ease wrinkles caused by weary eyes and to relax eyes

a) Face a wall, standing about six feet away so that you can see the entire wall easily.

Without moving your head, move your eyes, beginning at the upper right corner of the wall and looking down to the floor, turning left to the lower left corner and then raising the eyes to the upper left corner.

Repeat this ten times, starting with the right corner five times.

b) Look up to the ceiling and suddenly look down, repeating this ten times.

c) Look from the right corner of the wall to the left and back again, repeating this several times.

#4 To ease and relax lines around the mouth

a) Draw air into your mouth; keep it there counting to ten, then release suddenly.

b) Close your mouth put your forefinger on your lips, and blow the air out, swelling your cheeks as you do.

c) Move your tongue in circles around the inside of your mouth.

d) Whistle a tune with pursed lips.

e) Yawn several times.

#5 To discourage a double chin and relax the head and neck

a) Move your lower jaw back and forth several times.

b) Turn your head to the right and to the left, repeating the movement several times.

c) Stretch your head backward, pressing your lower lip over your upper lip, and slowly open and close your mouth several times.

#6 To ease wrinkles on the neck and relax the head and neck

a) Make a full circle with your head, starting from the left side twenty times and starting from the right side twenty times.

b) Inhale deeply, bending your neck backward; then bend your neck forward and let out air.

c) Sitting upright on a chair or on an exercise mat on the floor, shake your head forward and than backward, slowly at first and then faster and faster.

#7 Total face relaxation

Lion pose: Inhale deeply and exhale thoroughly stretching your entire face muscles roaring like a lion. Repeat this five times. For a detailed instruction of this asana (pose) see here.

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  1. Another way to reduce wrinkles (without surgery or skin products) is to sleep on your back. Pressing your face against a pillow every night for years stretches out your skin and leads to wrinkles.

    Left Brain

  2. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Another good facial exercise is to: step 1 stick your tongue out as far as you can and roll your eyes up hold for 30 seconds, repeat and for your neck: stick out your bottom teeth and tighten your neck, do this several times. You will be able to tell it is working on your neck muscles because you will be a little sore just like if you have done an aerobic workout!

  3. Anonymous12:40 AM

    I've also found some very good facial exercises on Happy Face Yoga I bought the DVD, it was great!

  4. Anonymous3:34 PM

    If you are looking to lose the fat from your face, we just have the right solutions to make your dream come true. Excessive fat on the chin or cheeks can really spoil your overall appearance and must not be taken lightly. For this, we need to carry out some general as well as certain specific treatments; focus on the specific target areas is always imperative and more effective.

    1. Exercise and dieting
    2. More water intake
    3. Keeping you face firm
    4. Ultrasound
    5. Liposuction

  5. Gourish8:53 AM

    It can give strength to facial muscles. Muscles of face make skin smooth and firm by using facial exercises.The main advantages of these exercises are bags under the eyes or puffiness. The muscles action may drain the lymph in body to accumulate. Wrinkles and facial lines are also removed by facial exercises. These exercise are also beneficial to improve circulation of blood and give radiant complexion.

  6. Aravid9:09 AM

    Facial exercises will do a great deal to promote a smooth wrinkle-free skin, and a vibrant glowing picture of health. Start your free facial exercises now to achieve a more youthful look.

  7. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Facial exercises not only benefit the supportive muscles, but also improve the skin and skin tone, as the increased blood flow to the skin assists in bringing nutrition to, and removing toxins from the skin. The elasticity and health of the skin is determined greatly on the underlying tone, strength and vitality of the supporting facial muscles. Facial muscle exercises, just like body muscle exercises, must be done regularly to achieve and maintain results. To get your facial muscles up to speed again, do these facial exercises daily, for at least a month, or until the desired effect is achieved, and then do these exercises at least three times a week to maintain the results

  8. Jayaram9:31 AM

    wow i really like your facial excersises i was going to look around and post a blog onit but it looks like you have it covered good job :) i'm going to try them

  9. slowly press with the tip of u r fingers the junction of eyes and nose at the count of four, they remain pressed at the count of 7 and slowly release at the count of 3, do this daily, besides stop using detergent based products for face.

  10. Just try squeezing the the eyes tightly shut and hold this for about 5 slow seconds and then release. Repeat this 20 times.This helps build the muscle around the eyes and thickens up the area

  11. Anjani11:48 AM

    My favorite facial exercise is to smile.smile really big like show all your teeth then let it go and smile again,do this 40 times a day.

  12. Kalindi11:53 AM

    These lines, wrinkles, folds and bags are not really wrinkles and lines as such, but are the supportive muscles in your face going soft - losing firmness, and not supporting the skin any more. Facial exercises can help with this - creating that face lift look with a non-surgical procedure.

  13. There are different facial exercises for the different parts of the face. Some exercises are concentrated on the forehead to improve facial lines. Some target the mouth and the chin to get rid of sagging skin and double chins. These exercises, like the one stated above, are simple habits that when done regularly, can have visible and impressive results.

  14. Unknown2:56 PM

    When you lose weight, as a girl, the first places to lose weight are the boobs and face. There are no real exercises for face toning, but it's just one of those areas that loses weight first when you do a lot of cardio and working out in general

  15. Vanashree9:52 AM

    Wow I’ll have to try this! Thanks for posting!

  16. unknown8:41 AM

    Even if you have a low bordom threashold you can carry out these exercises whilst watching the TV, it will take your mind off of the fact that you are ‘exercising’.

  17. Wow , to be fair I tried this is a bit of a jokey kinda thing, but it actually makes my face feel a lot better! Nice!

  18. Beauty Expert3:17 PM

    Facial massage is an effective way to counter wrinkles. Massage is a slow process and its results are obvious only when it is continued for a longer period. It is, indeed, not a magic wand to bring a change overnight. One has to be patient with it. There is, how ever, no doubt that massage reduces the un-attractive fleshiness, tightens the tissues and muscles and increases blood circulation.

  19. Karuna9:15 AM

    Facial exercises supply increased blood to the face . This keeps the face glowing and wrinkle free

  20. Reeth3:21 PM

    Facial muscle exercises, just like body muscle exercises, must be done regularly to achieve and maintain results.

  21. Sunitha3:25 PM

    Loose, hanging skin under the chin and neck can be alleviated using face exercises
    Wrinkles and stress lines throughout the face are significantly reduced with facial exercises.
    Lack of color and vitality in the face can be effectively eliminated with facial exercise.
    Facial exercises are for achieving the ageless face.

  22. Cecil2:03 PM

    Facial exercises help to build the underlying muscles of the face and this in turn helps to replace some of the fat, collagen and volume that is naturally lost in the face as we age.


  23. I completely agree with this. I've been using these exercises for a long time, and they really do promote proper blood flow in the face.

    They can be used to smooth out wrinkles, and I know that some professionals have argued against their effectiveness, but almost all of those critics are in the cosmetic surgery field, which makes their statements seem jaded.


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