What does your hair color say about you?

There are people who realize how fashion based hair colors impact the way they look and there are others who unknowingly choose a hair color, which implicitly brings out their state of mind. Changing your hair color is the quickest way to change the way you look.

In a matter of only two hours, you can transform the way you look. It is commonly observed that people undergoing extreme phases in their lives are more likely to change the color of their hair.

Women, who’ve recently broken up, have a tendency to look for a makeover, and the first thing on their list is a new hair color.

The right hair color can give you more confidence, enhances your mood, and make you feel sexier.

What different hair colors say about you?


To begin with let’s examine the most commonly preferred color by both men and women, the Blonde. Blondes are meant to bring a person in the spotlight. It is believed the lighter the color, the better it is.

The adjectives most often used to describe blondes are outgoing, confident, fun loving, and to some extend a bit conservative. They like displaying themselves as gregarious creatures, which all should fall in love with.

Blonde_Hair_stylist Makeup_For_Blonde_Hair_1


The word brunette literally means ‘young brown haired women’. The dark and deep color of hair is always an indication of maturity and reliability. Unlike the blondes who want all attention, brunettes are not attention seekers, but looking for something more serious.

It is believed that brunettes show personality traits of being adventurous, conservative, and seductive and they enjoy a more impactful presence than others.

straight brunette


Red is the color of passion, and if you really have the guts to get your natural hair colors transformed into a redhead, then you must check yourself for the likable traits such people carry. For one, redheads can be seen as the most sensitive and vulnerable of all people.

 Redheads are willingly to reveal themselves to the world. Typical traits of redheads are confidence, outgoing, bold, passionate, and yet emotionally sensitive.


Why people choose to the colors they do?

An interesting and investigative study, people actually choose hair colors that go well with their present state in life.

People, who’ve recently broken up, would like to gain back their confidence by getting blondes to occupy center stage again.

Fugitives, who’d like to hide under the cover of disguise often, choose darker colors as their shield.

The more sensible and secured people always go for the brunettes as they like to remain neutral to everything around. Similarly, the more insecure and sensitive breed of people is seen getting their hair done red.

There are others who want to look different, and in their quest choose the blues, purples, greens and even pink.

Although there are no standard rules for correlating one’s hair color with personality, it is more common sense that gives us an insight into the kind of person you are. For instant, they say, the clothes you choose, the shoes you wear all define who you are, similarly, the color of hair tells a lot about the your personality.

There is a reason for every choice we make and it’s the same with our hair color as well.

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  1. The hair color you choose reflects your personality.

  2. Anonymous3:00 PM

    The colour we wear in our hair and fashion can reflect a confident, shy or insecure personality,

  3. Hardik3:02 PM

    Brunettes are supposedly uptight and not as cool


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