Seven of the Best Silk Garments

When it comes to clothing materials, silk is considered one of the most exquisite choices. Yet not only does silk look super stylish, but it is extremely versatile as well. It's lightweight, durable, kind to your skin, can keep you warm when it's cold but cool you down when it's hot. It's little wonder then that this beautiful fabric has been around for a mere 4,000 years. Here are seven of the best silk garments worth owning.

Designer silk scarf
If you're looking for a really classy silk scarf for a special occasion, then this one will make a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. The striking red colour with the bold floral pattern of tropical flowers makes it a great accompaniment for a little black dress, or a summery outfit whilst on holiday. Team it with ruby shoes and blood red lipstick for a really dramatic effect.

Red Floral Silk Scarf

Budget silk scarf
However, if you're shopping on a budget and want a scarf that you can wear as an everyday accessory, then this beautiful, classic, lightweight Palma Jungle scarf is easy on the eye and will add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Its pretty patterns make it ideal for complementing with clothes in any season.
budget silk scarf

Terracotta silk blouse
Silk is incredibly versatile and mixes well with other clothes, so a silk blouse is a must-have for any wardrobe. This stunning terracotta blouse made from exquisite crepe de Chine has a lovely pleated colour and ties at the middle to flatter your waist.

Terracotta silk blouse

Silk trousers
Trousers should feel comfortable to wear, so it's important to choose the trouser fabric with care. Because silk is so smooth against the skin, a pair of silk trousers will feel exquisitely soft. This pair of white Noil silk trousers works well for all sorts of occasions, from office attire to an evening out or a casual meal with friends. The trousers also go well with any type of blouse, jumper or jacket.
Noil Silk Trousers

Silk pyjamas
Silk is ultra kind to skin, and it's even said that silk can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles by keeping the skin soft, so it stands to reason that when it comes to slumber time a pair of silk pyjamas deserve a place in your home. These beautiful black pyjamas by Julianne Jeanne with contrast piping are utterly elegant, yet look incredibly comfortable at the same time.
Silk pyjamas,default,pd.html

Silk tie
A man can't go too far wrong with a classic, pure Italian, silk, black tie. Not only will it look stylish with a wide range of suits and shirts, but it will blend well with any other colour.
Black Silk Tie

Silk socks
Forget cotton socks, which are vulnerable to snags and holes forming, and instead treat yourself to an elegant pair of silk socks. Because silk is so durable, it will last a long time, and you'll feel fabulous wearing them. Silk can act as an insulator as well, so when the temperature plummets, a pair of silk socks can really keep your feet warm.

Philippa loves all things fashion and has recently discovered a love for silk garments. Philippa has decided to share her knowledge of clothing materials with other fashion lovers. Philippa loves the silk garments that Patra sell.

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