Tips To Look Your Best While Sweating It Out

Take a cue from the below given fashion tips to look super chic, even while burning out some calories in your gym.

Your exercising outfits should be comfy, breathable and easy to move in- but nowhere does it say they have to be unflattering, ratty or baggy.  Pulling over great clothes and being fashionable even at your gym, acts as a fantastic motivator, as this encourages you to keep up your exercising levels while workout.   It is said that, "if you look good, you feel good".  With that in mind, why wouldn't you wear gym outfits that oozes style? Well,  if you want to know how to burn calories in style, check out these fashioning tips.

  • Sport a Headband:  Nothing seems to be more irritating than your  curls flying loose while you're busy on the treadmill.  Whether or not your hair is long enough for a braid, or a ponytail.  Compliment the look by wearing a cute headband that serves both utility and style.  Headbands not only helps in keeping sweaty hair from getting in your face and irritating you, but it also accessorizes your cute outfit.  Opt for a style that won't slip back during your exercising session.
  • Add pops of neon:  Rather limiting your exercising garbs to usual black and drab grab, try combining your tracks with fun neon tees or T-shirt and colorful sneakers.  Wearing bright shades tends to create a positive, cheerful vibe- so workout may not seem like such a boring routine. The gym is the perfect place to test out the neon style.
  • Foldover leggings with a patterned waistband: Tapping into the fashion trend for all things cosmic,  these foldover leggings or workout pants with printed waistband will surely make you look outstanding.
  • Printed tanks:  These trendy tops can be a perfect pick if you have to hit the mall right after the gym.   Printed tanks are practical for a workout, but come in fresh colors and designs that go well with leggings or jeans.
  • Crop tops: Donning a  cropped tee to the workout might sound a little over- the- top, but teaming it up in the right way looks incredibly cute.  The style rule is to go for loose fitting tops so you appear effortlessly chic and stylish.
  • V-neck tees:  This can be the other great gym-to–street clothing option that you can try.  The sheer, breathable fabric can be a wise pick for a workout. When you are done with your exercising, just throw on a pair of jeans and flats for a cool, comfy outfit that you can wear anywhere.
  • Throwback pant:  These old-school style sweatpants are super- comfortable and stylish as well. Roll the waist down for a slight rise and let the "sweats" hand on your hips for an easy-going, relaxed look.
  • Lightweight shorts-  From yoga to treadmill, lightweight shorts can be a great gym wear for comfort as well as  style
  • Athletic shoes:  these foot wears are no longer available only in the boring shades of black, blue and white.  Almost, every brand has cute and chic options for your workout purpose. Bold and bright shades are definitely the trend as far as athletic shoes are concerned.  Zig- zag sneakers are running a step above the rest fashioning shoes!
  • Sunglasses: Sunglasses are not only practical for workouts, but they also give an edge to any outfit.
  • Carry a stylish handbag:  Instead of carrying those old duffel bags,  opt for a stylish large tote bag- preferably in a punchy color.
So, follow these fantastic tips to look your best even if you are getting a little sweaty.

Cynthia White is an avid blogger, stylist, who loves fashion and shopping trendy leather outfits. She is even fond of photography, travelling and to make new friends.

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    Rubb deodorant all over your face.. you will smell great and look even better!!


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