4 of The Best Tips For Wearing Colored Jeans

If you need to add some color to your wardrobe one of the best ways to do so is by investing in some colored jeans. A lot of celebrities like Rihanna are making colored jeans more popular, as it represents a new and fresh style.
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These colored denims are available in a variety of different colors like neon purple and emerald green. Some people feel that the only time you can get away with wearing bright colored jeans is during the summer or fall season, but that isn't true. 
If you know how to pair your colored jeans properly by keeping everything in your outfit in proportion you can effortlessly pull this trend off all year round.

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Use Contrast

When you wear colored jeans you want to make sure your accessories and the rest of your outfit contrast against the jeans in a good way. Use contrast in your wardrobe by putting together different patterns, prints, and colors.

For example, you can wear some hot pink jeans with a white shirt and a leopard print jacket over the shirt to make everything stand out. 
You are using different patterns with the print jacket, a neutral color with the white top, and the hot pink jeans helps everything pop. Throw on some neutral colored shoes and you will look very feminine and classy.

If you want to make your look more casual replace the leopard print jacket with a denim one. The denim jacket will help tone down the hot pink color in your jeans so it doesn't appear too loud. 
Always remember if you don't want you colored jeans to look too loud or bold just pair it with the safest piece of top or jacket you own.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is a very hot trend recently. This bold fashion trend involves pairing solid colored pieces with one another. 
Color blocking is definitely the way to go if you want to style in your colored jeans during the summer time.

All you need to do is make sure you pair a solid, bold color with your colored jeans. Try wearing real bold colors with other bolds, and pastels with other pastels. 
It is a good idea to wear some black pumps to polish everything out and wear some classic accessories like pearl earrings.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors such as white, cream, black, tan, or brown always go good with colored jeans. It is best to complement your colored denim with neutral colors when you still aren't very comfortable wearing them. 
Anything you have in your closet with neutral colors is the safe choice to pair with your colored jeans when you don't want to your outfit to look too bold.

Allow the jean's color to be the dominant statement, while the neutral color helps to tone down how loud the jeans are. 
Until you get more comfortable with wearing colored jeans you should avoid the color blocking effect by using solid unexpected color choices with your jeans. Go for the safer option for now until you become more comfortable.

Don't Wear Too Much Accessories

Since you are already wearing a pretty loud color you should try to reduce the amount of accessories you wear. You don't want to remove the attention from your jeans with various necklaces or bracelets. 
Also, doing this may make it seem like you are trying too hard, which is never good.

In conclusion

Colored jeans are a cheap way to make a very bold wardrobe statement. Pulling off this fashion trend can definitely be a little tricky, but if you can do it right it can be one of your favorite go to styles.

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