Top 4 Luxury Summer Beauty Products

Come summer and fashionistas worldwide make sure to add on to heat with ample skin show, bright hues and the subtle yet stark statements announcing that less is more and more of it is welcome, and why not? Beauty is what the prime weapon of Venus, one that even Gods can’t resist.

But the summer heat brings along the villainous UV rays and the cunning dryness that is especially harder on the feminine skin and may mar that perfect skin tone or may lead to bad hair days more often. So here’s an ode to all diva worshippers, the secret is out and here are the luxurious and best summer beauty products that will be most surprising and unusual gifts for the women of the urbane kind and the ones that city top cats, simply cannot do without.

Pink is her favourite crayon! The slaves to the beauty must know that every goddess will love donning the EVE SNOW’s pink nail lacquer that guarantees Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba and Argan oil as composites. Such a gift Idea for women is most enjoyed for a drool when played with a little nail art.

Show that you care! Even if you can’t, still pretend to understand the arduous task of looking ever beautiful. Gift her RAHUA SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER, a superior hair care product that boasts of pure concentration of Rahua oil to ensure that her every beautiful tress is thick, healthy and smooth regardless of the hot air around her. Else fill her with awe with Ultra Regal PHILIP B Hair Care Collection.

Face the truth and it is that every feminine soul on this planet is most concerned with her skin health, particularly the facial skin, so a must is to pamper the luxury women with high quality QMS Cosmetic Range which contains the precious pearl extracts and the pure silk protein to completely rejuvenate and vitalize the skin and aids in combating the summer skin woes. REVIVE Skin care products too are backed with extensive R&D that may sound like jargon to male shoppers but it surely does wonders by accelerating the Skin Renewal Process and for those in the company of tanned beach babes must make sure to buy her only the best Sun Bloc Cream.

Accessorize but don’t downsize! The hot season look is meaningless unless teamed with a pair of swanky designer sunglasses. Buying her the HYDE’s spectacles will guarantee you that twinkle and this high end product offer enough scope to its patrons to experiment with various styles. Also Oliver Goldsmith’s customized fashionable eye wear can be one of those perfect yet unusual gifts for the ladies that they would love to possess (along with its giver).

The cold winter spell gives way to the most awaited warm respite in the form of summer months and the slaves to the sacred feminine may make the most use of this time by incorporating these upmarket unique gifting ideas for women who want nothing but the best. Thus don’t you lose pace now! Go on and know your damsel and her beauty needs, surprise her and who knows, that perfect weekend may just confront you.

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  1. Ellen2:51 PM

    Cover Girl’s Clump Crusher--. It’s the one in the green tube, by the way, and I recommend the water resistant formula for summer.

  2. Awesome post! Really amazing! I found these products great, specially the Rahua Shampoo & conditioner. Would love to give it a try.


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