Attention, Ladies! Strength Training WON'T Make You Bulk Up

The many good reasons to start strength training should have women flocking to programs that increase muscle. Health issues such as bone density can be improved with strength training, so it's not just about looking trim in this summer's revealing beach wear.

But the fear of bulking up prevents many women from taking advantage of the many benefits that come with sensible strength training programs.

Here are the facts for all the ladies out there who need to get started!

Good Reasons to Start Strength Training

Resistance or strength training is an important activity for bone health. Osteoporosis, a weakening of the bones, can be kept at bay with a good strength-training program. While osteoporosis is a problem for most women "of a certain age," men can also suffer from the malady as they age.

Calcium supplements can only go so far, but when combined with strength training, health professionals even report reversal of symptoms.
Firm, toned muscles come from strength training.

You can also increase your metabolism and ability to burn fat if you build the strength of your muscles. Stronger muscles can work more, and it's a wonderful domino effect. Of course, toned muscles mean you have less fat; in essence, less flabby areas and look more trim even if you have not lost weight.

Bulking Up Takes Effort

To bulk up for contests, bodybuilders have to go through a serious amount of concerted effort. Were that it was as easy as most woman think! First of all, they have to lift very heavy weights for long periods of time on a daily basis. In addition, dedicated amateurs and pros alike eat special diets that are designed to increase muscle mass.

Bulking up requires heavy-duty commitment and doesn't just happen accidentally.

If you are not interested in bulking up, you just have to lift weights two or three times per week and eat a low-fat diet. Nature will do the rest.
Bodybuilding is hard work and a lifestyle!

The Myth of Light Weights

Okay, you think, I’ll start strength training with light weights. For years, the myth that light weights will tone and heavy weights will bulk has permeated women's discussion of strength training. Unless you have an injury or back problems, you should be lifting weights that are heavy enough that you are fatigued -- unable to lift one more time -- on the last two reps.

With light weights, that means you have to do many, many more reps, which takes much, much longer. In our time-driven society, the quicker result is usually preferred, especially since the result is essentially the same. It's true more reps with light weight may increase muscle endurance, but for bone density, toning, and increased metabolism, you must take your lifting cycle to fatigue.

Build Strength with Flexibility

Of course, flexible muscles look less bulky than tight muscles. Programs like Pilates combine strength training with dynamic stretching. If you're like most people, stretching is no fun and usually relegated to the first and last five minutes of a workout.

If you are going to train with weights, incorporate a corresponding stretch for each strengthening exercise and you'll be amazed at how much your flexibility increases. You'll also look longer and leaner, partially due to your better posture!

So don't be afraid to give weight training a try! You have nothing to lose and lots to gain in how you look and feel.

Sarah Boisvert is an author who writes on a wide range of topics including business, health and wellness, social media, and organic gardening. Her profiles include online training and reviews, as well as reports on the best equipment and new technology for home and office.

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  1. Shanti2:27 PM

    Love strength training, I've lost 8cms off my waist in 3 weeks I feel great!

  2. Yoga Teacher2:31 PM

    When getting involved with strength training programs maintaining proper form is essential.

  3. Vijayalaxmi2:34 PM

    Strength Training Can Help You Burn Belly Fat

  4. Vijaya2:38 PM

    Don't overdo it.
    Recognize your fitness level and build from there.

  5. Expert2:39 PM

    Don't expect immediate results.
    After four to six months you will start to see a change in your fat and muscle ratios. Changes in bone density take up to 12 months.


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