5 Ways To Use Old Accessories To Make A Statement

The vintage look is everywhere in fashion today, from the 1970s maxi dress to heeled oxfords from the 1930s. While it is tempting to dress in vintage gear from head to toe, the trick to the vintage look is combining one or two bold vintage pieces with complementary modern pieces to create a truly unique fashion statement. One way to do this is by adding a vintage accessory or two to an otherwise modern outfit.

A quick look through closets and dresser drawers may yield some old ties or a long-forgotten brooch or bracelet. Here are some ways to turn those old accessories into statement pieces that will add a vintage touch to any outfit:
5 Ways To Use Old Accessories To Make A Statement

Old ties make great headbands or belts. Choose a solid color or muted stripes for a classic look, or opt for a wild pattern for a bolder statement. Wide ties from the 1960s and 1970s can be tied into mod headbands while skinny ties from the 1980s can be cinched around the waist of a loose blouse or threaded through the belt loops of a favorite pair of jeans.

Pocket Watch
Clip a pocket watch and chain to a vest or jacket for a Victorian-inspired look, or attach the watch to a ribbon and tie around the neck to make a funky necklace. If your classic timepiece needs to be fixed or restored, a watch repair shop can provide these services at a reasonable price.

Brooch or Bracelet
Pin a brooch to a short piece of ribbon to make a choker, or fasten it to a longer piece of ribbon to make a necklace. Another option is to thread ribbon through the ends of a bracelet and tie it around the neck as either a choker or a necklace.

A man’s fedora from the 1940s can be both a practical and a fashionable addition to an outfit. A pinstriped fedora in wool can top off a traditional fall ensemble, and a light-colored straw fedora is great for providing shade while retaining the casual look of a summer outfit.

Cocktail Ring
A large, vintage cocktail ring made with faux stones and worn on the index finger adds a touch of glamor to a nighttime look. Popular in the 1970s, these rings are finding their way back to the runway and can often be found in thrift stores for a reasonable price.

Almost everyone has at least one vintage piece that can be re-purposed into a bold option for accessorizing. With just a few strategically chosen vintage accessories, a plain outfit can easily be turned into a fashion statement.

- By Casey

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  1. nagaraj3:23 PM

    One can make extremely interesting jewelry out of buckles, bows and buttons.

  2. Drasthi3:25 PM

    An old feather boa can be recycled into a stunning jewelry piece. Cut off pieces of a feather boa and attached to an earring finding for a dramatic look.

  3. Vinaya3:28 PM

    Fantastic ideas. Thanks for sharing


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