Battling Helmet Hair When Riding a Bike to Work

Riding a bike is a great way to get to work. It's fuel efficient, fun way to burn calories and, yes, it's ultra cool. At least, it's cool until you take off your helmet and reveal a head full of helmet hair or you end up with a windblown, wrinkled suit. Here are some tips to keep you looking great, even after you hop off that bike.

helmet hair
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Go Pixie
Isn't it time you got that Summer cut? The less hair you have, the less chance you have of it getting disheveled. It's also easier to set and spray than straighten and curl. We're not suggesting you go bald, but a pixie do and maybe some daring color to top it off will turn heads as you enter any building.

Use a Ventilated Helmet
Properly ventilated helmets will keep your head from getting sweaty. This will prevent dreaded "helmet head" and ensure your locks stay fresh and shiny.

Add a Helmet Liner
This piece of fabric fits tightly over a head of hair. It wicks away moisture while holding the original style in place. You may still need a brush, but it won't result in soaking up sweat and sticking to the inside of your helmet. As a bonus, the liner acts as a layer of insulation in the winter.

Tie it Up
With you hair firmly tied back, in a ponytail, braid or bun, you won't have to worry about it getting windblown or plastered down.

Leave Your Dresses and Skirts at Work
If you leave a few blouses and dresses at work, you won't have to worry about them getting windblown and ruffled as you fly down the street. Or you can bring skirts and dresses to work and change into them. Choose neutral colors for your suits and accessories so you don't have to fret about matching them up.

Buy and Use a Waterproof Pack
If you cycle or ride everywhere, eventually the time will come when you're caught in a downpour. Prepare ahead of time by placing everything that's water-sensitive into the pack.

Check Your Pants
Make sure to tie loose pant legs close to your legs. This keeps them from getting caught in the gears of your machine. It'll also keep them from flapping in the wind and keep you warmer in cold weather.

Park a decent distance away from the doors and let your hair shake out as you approach the building. Use a compact hair brush so you can discreetly put it away before you make your entrance.

Plan Ahead
In the winter, allow for extra time. This isn't just because it could snow or hail and slow you down. This precaution allows you plenty of time to take off gloves, leggings and other winter gear to don your suit. Dress warm and look gorgeous as you zoom to work.

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