Five-Step Guide to Bridal Makeup

With all of the thought and scheduling that goes into planning your perfect wedding, from the dress and the flowers, to the venue and the meal, it’s easy to forget some of the most important details – like bridal makeup. To make your wedding planning a little bit easier (and cheaper), here are five steps to doing your own bridal makeup, so you can check one more thing off that ever-growing list. Remember, don’t wait until the big day to try out these techniques, take the time to practice your bridal makeup before your wedding day, so nothing is left to chance.

Step One: The Skin
Depending on whether you’re skin is oily or dry (or a combination) you’ll need to select a primer that works for you. The primer is really important for the big day, since you’ll be the focus of 100’s of photographs and you don’t want your skin to appear too shiny or too matte when you’re looking back on those photos in the years to come. Primer helps your skin keep an even tone when applied underneath foundation.
After your skin is nicely primed, apply a layer of very natural foundation. Make sure you’re applying the foundation evenly and that it’s the right colour for your skin. Rub the foundation in evenly over your jawline and into your hairline, so that your skin appears even. Next, dab on the concealer, which will help your tired eyes and cover up any blemishes or scarring.

Step Two: The Eyes
When thinking about your bridal makeup, it’s best to make sure you are hi-lighting your face’s best features. If you love your eyes, make them the hi-light; the same goes for your lips.

Start off by priming your eyelids, which will stop your eye makeup from creasing or smudging on your wedding day. Next up, curl those eyelashes so that they really stand out on camera. If you don’t have long eyelashes, you might want to look into applying false eyelashes, which really pop when photographed. Then it’s time for an eye shadow and eyeliner that will make your eyes stand out and  Maybelline mascara (waterproof is best) to lengthen and thicken your lashes.

Step Three: The Lips
If you’ve made your eyes the focus of your bridal makeup, it’s best to downplay your lips. Dampen your lips with a moisturizing balm, since with nerves; lips tend to get a bit dry and lipstick will smudge into the cracks. Next, apply a lip liner to make your lips pop, and fill that in with a complementary lipstick shade. You may want to add a lick of gloss on top of your lipstick, so your lips really stand out in the photographs.

Step Four: The Hi-Lighter
When your face is all done, it’s time to add a hi-lighter to your cheekbones, forehead and bridge of your nose. The hi-lighter draws attention to the contours of your face and will really help you shine. Make sure that you practice with different hi-lighters before your big day and take some tests photographs as well – just so you know what works with your face shape.

Step Five: The Finishing Touch
You’re not done yet! Depending on the colour of your skin, you may want to add a bronzer or blusher to your bridal makeup. If you’re adding bronzer, make sure it’s not too dark for your complexion and it’s properly rubbed in. Next, you can add some blusher to your illustrate your cheekbones, but keep it natural, since you want the focus to be on your gorgeous face and dress and not on your makeup.

- By Susan

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  1. Christina2:58 PM

    Moisturizing is definitely key. No matter how much I rub on lotion, areas of my face still feel super-dry. If I were a winter bride my beauty regimen would totally need some refining.

  2. Before the wedding, resist the urge to overindulge on alcohol .Alcohol consumption is terrible for your complexion, and since it's super-dehydrating,

  3. Diana3:04 PM

    it's smart to nourish the lips before applying makeup on the big day. put a bit around the outer edges of the lips to keep lipstick from feathering

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