Top Online Sites from Which to Purchase Nutritional Supplements

Supplements can increase performance during exercise, speed recovery afterward, boost vitality, or target your body with specific vitamins that it might be lacking. They can also be expensive, difficult to ship, and -- if produced by unscrupulous or incompetent makers -- useless.

The Internet is overwhelmed with outlets that sell every kind of supplement for every kind of activity or body type. Finding a reputable source of high-quality supplements for a fair price that accepts credit cards online can be a daunting task. Follow this guide before making a purchase.

Supplements can build muscle, but don't let them break the bank. was originally designed for hardcore, competitive bodybuilders. You might not fall into this category, but the website's literature, demonstrations, and most importantly, their supplements source have grown to be among the most comprehensive and thorough on the Internet.

The site provides a supplement forum where you can interact with people in the know, as well as a litany of articles and studies to give you insight before you buy, as well as a breakdown of each individual supplement by category, including muscle builders, amino acids, vitamins, and protein.

Puritan's Pride
Puritan's Pride can be overwhelming in the sheer volume and variety of products they offer. Aside from being a reputable distributor, their prices are good and can be made even better with the multitude of discounts they offer, such as buy-one-get-ones, buy-one-get-twos, 10 percent discounts, and free shipping on all orders. They offer every legal supplement imaginable, including fish oil, memory aids, antioxidants, and multivitamins.

GNC is probably the most well-known supplement supplier in the country. It is worth a mention, however, because there is ample opportunity to save money on what is perhaps the most rigorously tested and evaluated brand of supplements in the world. Online sales can save a buyer 15 percent or more, and can be combined with monthly buy-one-get-ones that they allow you to mix and match out of category.
The website offers awesome tools, like their protein calculator and vitamin guide.

The sheer volume of supplements available can be overwhelming. If you're unsure, turn to online outlets that provide literature, forums, and blogs.

Piping Rock
Piping Rock is the manufacturer, so prices are competitive. They offer free shipping for about half of the minimum order that is required by GNC. Joint support, probiotics, and even pet supplements are easy to shop for in this clearly categorized site.
While controversy continues to surround the industry, and dangerous and ineffective counterfeits plague the market, many of us can and do benefit from a wise choice of supplements. Never substitute them for healthy diet and exercise; supplements are designed to do exactly that -- supplement your lifestyle.
Whether active or aging or a performance athlete or just someone trying to get and stay healthy, supplements can be a boon to most regimens. But first they must be safely and securely purchased.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. He writes about nutrition and the health-food industry.

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