Top 5 Yoga Postures for Beginners

For centuries, yoga has provided health and wellbeing to thousands of practitioners. Yoga is a physical regimen that builds the body's strength and flexibility, balance and stamina. More importantly to many yogis, the method also develops the same attributes in the mind. Yoga provides stress release, balance, and centering that helps with facing everyday life more effectively. Yoga is often called a body-mind exercise for this reason.

All of this great 21st-century technology is taking its toll on our bodies, and the body part most adversely affected seems to be the back. Endless sitting at computers or in cars compresses the spine and tightens the muscles in the surrounding areas. Yoga is a great way to release the muscles that pull the spine out of alignment.
Often people will see photos or video of advanced yoga students or instructors and think, "I can't do that; I'm not that flexible!" But everyone must start at the beginning in order to reach the advanced postures. Yogis spend years mastering their craft and were once also beginners. By working diligently on the most basic yoga poses, anyone can advance over time to the beautiful, sophisticated, and complex postures that make yoga seem challenging.

Here are five simple yoga poses to get you started on a path to health and happiness.

Child's Pose
Kneel on a mat, and slowly lower your buttocks to the back of your legs. Bring your torso and arms slowly down to the mat. Lengthen your arms out in front of you, moving your hands forward until your forehead is touching the mat.

child pose

Relax and enjoy the stretch. Hold the position. A minimum of one minute is recommended, but don't time yourself. Finish when it feels appropriate for your body.

Downward Dog
Kneeling on the mat with arms straight and palms down, straighten your knees so that your body is in an inverted "V" position. If you are tight in the hamstrings or anywhere in the legs, bend the knees slightly to take off the pressure.

Don't give up if this is uncomfortable. Think about your breathing instead. Over time, you'll get more flexible in these areas and you'll be able to keep the legs straight.

Downward Dog builds upper body strength and low body flexibility.

Warrior II
Standing with your feet a little more than shoulder width apart, turn one foot out to the side. Lift your arms with palms facing downward parallel to the floor. Bend the knee of the turned-out foot until the lower leg forms a 90-degree angle to the floor. Hold and repeat on the other side.

You'll soon be a real warrior with this pose's work on balance and low body strength.
Tree Preparation
Balance is one of the difficult aspects for new yoga students. To improve balance and get ready for the Tree Pose, stand next to a chair or other stable object. Hold the object with one hand to the side, while your feet and body are facing forward. Place the sole of the opposite foot inside the facing thigh. Hold and repeat on the other side.

Over time, remove some of your fingers until you don't need the prop at all.

Eventually you'll be able to do the Tree Posture without your hands touching anything!
When you feel your balance has improved from Tree Preparation, do the same exercise but with your hands in front of you, palms touching in front of your heart.
Tree pose

Don't forget in each of these exercises to continue breathing. There is no right or wrong breathing; just breathe naturally. Holding your breath will defeat the purpose of the exercises and put stress on the muscles. Practiced yogis will inhale and exhale with a sound that helps them focus the mind. The sound of breathing for beginners is also a great way to check that you are in fact breathing!

In the beginning, take your time to master the beginning poses, develop your breathing skills, and just savor how good you feel. Enjoy the moment!

Sarah Boisvert is a seasoned writer who has covered topics from yoga and travel in India to diet and nutrition as well as business and management. She has profiled business leaders such as Steve Wynn and Dr. Oz. 

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  1. Virat2:23 PM

    Finished my first lesson…loved it & thank you for your kindness & sharing.

  2. Bindu2:30 PM

    Another very basic yoga pose is baby pose. It is a good pose to relax in whenever you need to take break during your yoga session.

  3. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Benefits of Yoga Positions for Beginner’s
    Promotes overall flexibility and strength.
    Clears blockages and increases energy flow.
    Triggers the natural healing capacity of the body, promoting health and well-being.
    Promotes peace and emotional balance.
    Purifies one’s energy and raises one’s level of vibration and consciousness.
    Improves balance and coordination.
    Helps increase metabolism and assists in weight loss.
    Builds mental focus and concentration.


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