What Do You Learn in Beauty School?

There are a lot of people who are "a natural" when it comes to styling hair. If you are one of those individuals, you may be thinking, "So, why spend the extra time and money going to beauty school?"

Well, the first reason is because you can usually make more money if you actually work with a license.

Another reason is because it helps to prevent you from being held liable should there be a "mishap" with your handiwork and someone wants to file a suit against you simply because you didn't have a cosmetology license.

However, there are many other benefits that come with enrolling in beauty school as well. Check these out:

cosmetology beauty school

You can learn about other fields. 

When you enroll into cosmetology school, of course you will learn how to style hair, but there is so much more that is in store for you as well. There are courses that will teach you about laser technology, makeup artistry and "all things skin" care.

It can help you to narrow down your area of expertise. 

If we're naturally good at doing something, sometimes we'll settle down into that particular career path simply because it's easier for us.

But, as you're learning about other kinds of "beauty techniques", it can help you in creating a plan that doesn't just center around what's easy for you, but what would be most professionally beneficial as well.

For instance, you may be able to get a job quicker if you are willing to do both hair and nails or you might want to start a side business by going to people's homes to give facials if you'll make the time to learn the skill (on a professional level).


You will better understand the business side of the industry. 

You may enjoy being a stylist, but you definitely want to be able to make some money doing it too, right? Being in beauty school is not just about learning what to do, but how to make a good living while doing it.

Many reputable cosmetology programs also offer classes in anatomy and physiology, salon business management and customer relations, just to name a few.

It helps you learn how to be your own boss. 

After getting a cosmetology license, if you work for yourself, you definitely have the freedom to set up your hours however you wish. If you do decide to work at a salon, still, as a licensed stylist, you have a lot of freedom in negotiating your hours and pay.

Sure, you can do this to a certain degree in just about any profession, but one of the main goals of the cosmetology world is to help prepare you for being a true entrepreneur.

Plus, while in other careers, the college rankings of your degree tend to hold a certain level of clout, in cosmetology, salon owners tend to be more concerned with you simply being licensed and able to do the work.

You learn how to be (more) flexible. 

The life of a licensed cosmetologist tends to be full of surprises. One day, you may be working in a salon. Another, you may be on location at a photo or video shoot. Another, you may be working from home.

A good cosmetologist is not just someone who can do hair, ski or nails; they are also someone who knows how to work well with all kinds of people. Beauty school helps to teach you how to be just that kind of person and to make the kind of connections to make this all possible.

(Guest Post by Carol)

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