5 Best Fitness Tips To Get Attractive Abs

It is everybody’s dream to flaunt six pack and sexy abs. However a lot many factors like genetics, body metabolism, lifestyle and dietary habits play a great part in your ability to get toned abs. In order to have attractive abs, you need to burn off your belly fat, tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Hence exercises which work the abdomen in totality help you to get attractive and toned abs

  • Eat healthy. Eggs Skip refined foods and junk foods. Follow a low carb and low fat diet. Eat more of natural and whole foods. Monitor your calorie consumption and limit your calorie intake. Building muscle is necessary to have great abs. So consume lots of protein from natural sources like legumes, eggs, fish and poultry. Whey protein, soy are rich sources of protein. Including fat burning foods in your diet like cruciferous vegetables, low fat dairy, omega 3 fatty acids, MUFA and PUFA help to prevent fat accumulation, thus helping in attaining a six pack abs. 
  • Weight Training
  • Cardio exercises performed at high intensity are helpful in getting rid of the unwanted fat in your belly region. Fast paced workouts step up your metabolism, pumps up the heart rate and strengthen the core abdominal muscles. HIIT or High intensity interval training is a very effective form of cardio which helps you to have attractive abs.
  • Strength training is very helpful in building muscle. By using free weights or resistance, you can define your muscles and get a chiseled look. By varying the weights, you can alter your intensity. Working with increasing weights has to be done gradually to prevent injury. More the resistance offered by means of increasing weights, greater and faster will be the muscle build up.
  • Push ups In order to have attractive abs, specific abdominal exercises need to be performed. These exercises can be performed at home with little or no major equipment. Some abdominal exercises include abdominal crunches, reverse crunches, leg lifts, captain’s chair, bicycle crunches, squats, pelvic lifts, reverse curls, flutter kicks, windshield wipers, Russian twist, v-ins, v-ups and vertical leg crunch.
  • Yoga and Pilates are proven to be very efficient in helping to tone the abdominal muscles. The Pilates 100s is a very good and proven ab workout. The various asanas (postures) of yoga like Tree Pose, downward dog pose, sun salutation, boat pose and bow pose help in effectively toning the ab muscles. Yoga_01Also the deep breathing techniques like Pranayam and KapalaBhati leads to contractions and expansion in the stomach muscles through alternate inhale and exhale. This repeated contractions help in toning and strengthening your abs giving them a well defined and enviable look.
Getting your dream abs is not at all difficult. Follow a healthy diet and good exercise. Your six pack abs is not far away. You can also make use of gym equipment like elliptical trainers and multi gyms for attaining six pack abs. Follow the tips mentioned above and you are sure to have envious glances cast on your next beach visit.

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