The Perfect Anti-Aging Products

Have you ever noticed that the largest section of products in the pharmacy is related to beauty?  Of those items, the vast majority are related to skin care.  So how does a person go about selecting an anti-aging skin care product when there are so many to choose from?

Once you’ve determined your needs (moisturizer, wrinkle cream, dark spot concealor, etc.) and you skin type (oily, dry, normal, etc.) there are four things you should consider.  Before you toss a product into your shopping cart, analyze the packaging, origin, protection, helpful ingredients and harmful ingredients.

1.  The Packaging Did you know that a lot of thought went into the container your product resides in?  Sure, you knew the company put a lot of effort into the eye catching label affixed to the package, but you probably never noticed much else.   The very best products are found in dark bottles that don’t allow light to penetrate.  Also, show preference to products that have a pump dispenser; this feature prevents oxidation and preserves freshness.  And speaking of freshness, check to make sure the product was formulated within the last six months.  Many chemicals lose stability over time.

2.  The Origin For centuries, people have been screaming about buying locally and searching out products that are “Made in the U.S.A.”  However, many women feel that desperate times call for desperate measures.  And if the best skin care products are currently coming from Asia, it might be time to broaden our shopping boundaries.  Many of Asia’s anti-aging products enhance the production of collagen like no other products can.

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3.  The Protection.  
For years, you have probably given very little thought to the effects of the sun on your skin.  Now, you are regretting that neglect.  It is time to put a stop to sun damaged skin.  Make sure the anti-aging skin care product you select has at least SPF 15.  This is especially important if you will be venturing outside between the hours of 10am and 2pm.

4.  The Helpful Ingredients Vitamins play a key role in the anti-aging battle.  Look for a day cream with both vitamin E and vitamin C (in the L-ascorbic acid form).  Try a night cream or serum with non-synthetic vitamin A (retinoid form).  These nutrients will revitalize and encourage collagen production. 

5.  The Harmful Ingredients
hand cream In a perfect world, you would use only natural skin care products.  However, we all know that is a tall order to follow.  At the very least, make sure your skin care product is void of harmful ingredients like propylene glycol, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, and parabens.

While it may be tempting to do, don’t simply walk into the beauty section of a store and grab the first product that catches your eye.  Take the time to examine the design of the container and make sure it keeps your product safe and fresh.  Don’t be afraid to hunt out the newest, most innovative products.  And always read the product label carefully to make sure it is actually provides benefits and won’t be dangerous.

Guest blogger Karen Renshaw manages a Tampa hair transplantation clinic.  She has had the opportunity to interact with a variety of women who are in the process of defying nature and aging gracefully.  Along the way, she has picked up a lot of helpful tips about the anti-aging process. 

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  1. Vikas9:45 AM

    Being a "senior citizen" I know for a fact that laughter is the most effective anti-aging thing you can do. Feeling positive. Having an optimistic outlook. No products can give you that. Enjoy life.

  2. Mantra9:45 AM

    staying out of the sun is the most effective. If you are going to go in the sun wear sunblock, not wearing sunblock is the worst


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