How to Make Your Bathroom More Like a Beauty Spa

A lot of us remember the "Calgon, take me away!" commercials and for a lot of us, that woman shared the same kind of feelings that we have now: That as much as we would sometimes like to run off to a spa or resort, life doesn't always afford us with the opportunity to do so. This means that we have to make the most out of what we have. For many of us, that would be our bathroom.


It might seem like a poor "consolation prize", but it doesn't have to be that way. All you need is a bit of ingenuity (and about $25) and you can find yourself in your very own beauty spa. Do you want to know how? We've enclosed five helpful tips below:

Set the mood. Some soft music, some dimmed lights and a few candles are all things that set the perfect stage for a wonderful spa experience. Also, don't forget to set aside a towel (straight from the dryer), a comfortable set of pajamas and some cozy socks that can all be waiting on you when you're done.

"Dress up" your bathwater. A lot of us opt for taking a shower every day and so just making the time to take a bath is a luxury all unto itself. But, remember that you're using this particular opportunity to pamper yourself, so do more than just run a bit of dishwashing liquid under the bathtub faucet. Throw some rose petals into the water, put in a few drops of your favorite body oils (lavender is fabulous for this kind of setting) or make your own bath oil product. A great one to set the tone for a sensual mood is to combine four tablespoons of castor or almond oil with 20 drops of jasmine and eight drops of orange oil. You'll feel beautiful soaking in it and even more desirable once you get out.

Heat it up. Who wants to get out of a warm bath and then moisturize their body with some freezing lotion? While you're resting and relaxing, place your tube of lotion (for just a few moments) on your radiator or over a warm vent (you can also squeeze some into a bowl and microwave it for about a minute and let it cool while you are bathing). It will be soothing to the touch and also penetrating to your skin.
Get some fruit. Hey, if you want to eat some grapes or apple slices while you are in there, no one will blame you. But there is also something that you can do with fruit that will naturally moisturize those dry patches on your skin. Slice up a few pieces of lemon or lime and then rub them on your elbows and knees. The citric acid is a wonderful aid when it comes to softening any rough spots that you may have while lightening the darkened areas too.

Make it a sauna. No matter what your bathroom design may look like, you can still turn it into a sauna experience. After you have soaked in the bath, drain the water and turn on your shower to its highest temperature. As the steam is coming into the room, put a little vanilla or rosemary oil onto your washcloth, step into the shower (the backside of it so that the water doesn't burn you) and stand, breathing into the washcloth for a few minutes. It's a great way to calm your senses while bringing your personal bathroom spa experience to a wonderful close.

Carol Montrose is a contributing writer for Bathroom Renovations, where you can find design inspiration and get a custom quote on your next renovation project.

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