Facelift Cosmetic Surgery – A Very Popular Procedure

The rhytidectomy or facelift operation as it is commonly known represents the removal of wrinkles by surgical means. This type of cosmetic surgery is of course intended to help the patients have a much more youthful appearance than they would haveby trying other procedures such as Botox injections or natural remedies. This surgical procedure is particularly common, and it is remarkably easy to perform the operation. The facelift surgery comprises of a few easy steps. First, the doctor removes the excess skin from the patient’s face. Then, the skin is pulled towards the neck thus ensuring that, after the operation, the person’s facial skin will look much younger as no wrinkles are visible after this operation.
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Now you might wonder why anyone would go through this type of operation since aging is a normal part of our lives, and there is categorically no shame involved with aging. However, you have to be aware that this type of operation is, in fact, one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. In part, because it involves virtually no risks and in part, because whatever we do with our bodies in order to keep us young, the face will always show our age at a first glance. Of course, we can try to maintain a perfectly healthy and vigorous body by exercising regularly and by eating healthy foods. Even so, our faces do get older much rapidly than our bodies and so our faces tell people quite accurately our age.

As you might expect, the facelift surgical intervention is much more popular with women than with men. This is of course partly because women tend to care more about their appearance while men can even look sexier as they age, or so it is often considered. However, another strong argument is that the whole aging process is slightly more apparent when it comes to women than it is for men. As the lines tend to become more and more prominent, the woman’s face tends to make her age quite explicit. Of course, then the women want to get rid of these signs and thus Botox injections and facelift operations are particularly common strategies for women that want to keep their age to themselves.

The way in which women tend to age differently than men makes women much more inclined to seek beauty treatments that will help them look younger by giving their faces a much more youthful appearance. This is the reason behind the fact that the facelift cosmetic surgery is much more common among women than it is among men. There are, of course, other popular beauty treatments to address this issue, besides surgery. Patients looking to have a more youthful appearance might try out some of the most effective anti-aging creams, or Botox injections. There are also chemical skin peels procedures anyone can try, as well as good old spa treatments. All these methods are generally poplar among women, but men also may wish to try to look younger by giving some of these treatments a shot.

You just need to be able to make sure that the surgical methods involved are perfectly safe for you and proper hygiene is maintained all through. The chances of infection are severe if proper disincentive measures are not taken and these could lead to severe problems in the future - even to the extent of removing any artificial grafts. It is also very important that the plastic surgeon has enough experience because that is going to make sure that the procedure is absolutely painless and you are not left dealing with side effects for the rest of your life. A little background check about the plastic surgeon and also a little chitchat with previous customers could go a long way in helping you choose your plastic surgeon.

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(Guest Post by Jessica Palin)

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    it mproves sagging facial skin, a slack jaw, and loose neck skin by removing excess fat, tightening muscles, and redraping skin. Most patients who desire a facelift are men and women over 40 years old, seeking to remove the most visible signs of aging.


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