Beauty Regimens You Should Never Attempt Before a First Date

Who has not experienced “first date jitters”? We all want to look and feel our very best when meeting a potential partner for the first time.

Even if the date does not work out as planned, everyone wants to look great and make a good first impression. Many men and women will try new products for the first time just before a date, hoping for super results; however, they may find that this is a terrible mistake.

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Why you should never try a new beauty product before a date?

If you have used a product for some time, you already know how your body reacts to the chemicals in that product. However, when you try something for the first time, there is no real way to predict if you will react badly to the new formula.

Even if you have never had an allergic reaction before, you can have a bad reaction to a new product up to 48 hours after use. This means that just about the time you are ready for your big date, you may have to cancel due to itchy, watery eyes, peeling skin, or even hair loss!

Read on to find some specific items you should never use before a first date unless you have used them successfully several times in the past. There are also suggestions for alternatives that should be safer for you and will cause far less damage to your skin, hair, or body.

Chemical Facial Peels.

chemical peel These products have been touted to “take years off” your face, and they work well in most cases. However, chemical peels are harsh because they have to slough off a good deal of dead skin.

If your skin is slightly sensitive, the peel can make you red and itchy for days after application. Instead of chemical peels, try a gentle exfoliant product such as Olay Skin Smoothing Cream Scrub.

Hair Color

woman applying hair color Even if you have used hair color in the past, changes in your body may mean that one day you have an allergic reaction. Although some products advertise “hypoallergenic,” this may not apply to you.

Instead of relying on hair color, use interesting braids, twists, and accessories to play up your hair, such as Animal Elements hair elastics for less than $5 (Buy here) or a large clip for less than $10 (Buy here) to give you a soft, casual chignon.


Waxing just before a big date can lead to red, irritated skin and discomfort. Instead, try a warm soak and gentle shaving with a moisturizing gel for sensitive skin like Satin Care (Buy here); focus only on the “problem areas.”

If you experience redness, soak the area with a warm washcloth and apply a little aloe gel.

Spray Tans

spray tan A bad spray tan looks like nothing more or less than a bad spray tan. You cannot hide it, and trying to get it off before your date may lead to irritated skin.

Instead of a spray tan, bring out the natural glow and beauty of your complexion with a glittering powder such as Glamour Dust Glitter Pigment for $17.00. Try a bit on the inside of your wrist or the back of your knee and wear for 24 hours to see if the powder reacts with your skin before you apply it everywhere.

If you must have a faux glow before your date, try using a temporary bronzer, like St. Tropez Wash Off Instant Glow Body Lotion such as this, or Sally Hansen Sally Hansen Salon Airbrush Leg Makeup such as this or this ($13)--both of which wash off in case you make a mistake!

Remember that the most important thing you can do to get ready for a first date is to brush up on your confidence. Looking great it wonderful, but feeling great is key. If you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful!

Delia Marcus is an esthetician who writes about skincare and beauty regimens for the latest looks. She knows it's always important to look your best for any major event, date or speed dating.

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  1. Tulasi3:14 PM

    Hair color will make your hair so dry and split at the end or it could make your hair never go back to the original color

  2. -chemicals--and more chemicals. they can only do more harm than good. the color looks good for a WHILE, but the end results are simply aweful. natural is the best way to go.


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