Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

If you're pregnant, you're probably getting advice (and sometimes, unsolicited advice) from everyone around you, right? Your mom, your best friend, the cashier at the checkout counter. Seemingly everyone has words of wisdom on what you need to do to prepare for your little miracle that's on the way.

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You might have even heard that "You're eating for two" and so you need to stock up your refrigerator and your pantry. The actual truth is that you should be eating with the mindset that the baby who is growing inside of you is going to take all of the nutrients that s/he needs and leave you with what left, so when you do your grocery shopping, you need to choose wisely.

And that's what this article is all about. We are going to provide you with a list of five foods that are absolute must-haves for you (and the baby growing within you) during your pregnancy:

Sweet potatoes. It might seem a bit odd to start off with a sweet potato, but did you know that it's considered to be a perfect food? This basically means that it is a food that has virtually all of the daily nutrients that you need inside of it, especially when it comes to Vitamin A, Vitamin C, fiber and folate.
Greek yogurt. It seems like every other (or every other...other) commercial on television these days is advertising Greek yogurt, but when it comes to the health benefits for a pregnant woman's body, it's definitely more than just a trend. Greek yogurt is a tremendous source of calcium and acidophilus (which is good for combating the overgrowth of yeasts due to hormonal changes). Plus, it's a convenient snack that you can carry throughout the day.
sweet potatoes

Whole grains. Cereals, breads, popcorn, etc. that consist of whole grains are a lifesaver on a lot of levels. They contain plenty of fiber, they are proven to provide excellent assistance when it comes to weight loss management (which is far better than the use of any diet products) and whole grains are fortified with plenty of folate, which helps to prevent defects in the fetus during its development.

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Eggs. Another "wonder food" for a pregnant woman is eggs. There are numerous reasons why including that they are jam-packed with protein, they are rich in choline (which works to promote the baby's brain health) and they are low in saturated fat (a good thing for a pregnant mom as she's monitoring her weight). Plus, they're cheap, quick to make and a pretty smart substitute on those days when you simply may feel too tired to cook up an entire meal.

Bacon & Eggs on Old Camp Stove-Photographed on Hasselblad H3D-39mb Camera

Fruits and vegetables (especially dark green vegetables). You can never go wrong with an apple or a couple of carrot sticks as you go about your day. Fruits and vegetables (especially ones that are red, green, orange and purple) are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well. Just don't forget that when it comes to eating your veggies, the darker green you go, the better. Fresh spinach, kale and Swiss chard also have vitamins A, C and K as well as folate. Simply steam them for a few minutes, add a bit of butter and you've done both you and the little one growing inside of you a world of good.

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(Guest Post by Carol)

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  1. Eggs, milk, fruits,

  2. Poovi3:24 PM

    Cut out the caffeine altogether. It makes the baby's heart race

  3. Laila3:26 PM

    fish, caffeine, salt are to be eaten in moderation. its good to eat iron, dairy, and drink water

  4. Charu3:26 PM

    Whole foods are fantastic during pregnancy, so fresh fruits, veggies, whole wheat breads and pastas, fresh meat etc...

  5. Bhavana3:26 PM

    LOTS of water, fruits, vegetables, milk,bread, dont eat too much in one sitting it can make you nauseous and vomit buteat little meals throughout theday

  6. Expert3:29 PM

    Things that I think are especially good for a pregnant woman to eat are: fish (but not every day), nuts, green veggies, and increased dairy products. These provide nutrients that are often depleted in a pregnant woman.

  7. Kavita3:32 PM

    fresh fruits
    fresh vegetables
    oily fish such as tuna
    fish such as cod or haddock
    red meat is rich in iron so beef is great
    fruit juices smoothies
    milk for calcium and hard cheese such as cheddar or Edam.
    Marmite / Vegemite is a great source of vitamin B too.
    wholemeal bread

    Reduce input of highly sugary foods such as cakes and chocolates although odd treat does not hurt.

    Avoid alcohol if possible. Do not smoke.
    Avoid soft cheeses and pate's owing to listeria risks.

  8. thanks for advice. these healthy foods are very important for good health of mother and her baby


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