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So you spend around 15-20 minutes every morning putting your make up on but come midday, that makeup is slipping off your face and you look dull and feel a little conscious if someone looks at you up close. Here are some great tips that help makeup stay put, even when the weathers very humid and sticky!


Use a primer Use a primer with an SPF as your moisturizer pre-foundation application. A good primer will help hide imperfections and keep your foundation on for at least 8 hours. Since facial primers smooth the skin out, they help the foundation grip onto the skin longer and allow for smoother application.

Powder up Seal in the liquid foundation and under eye concealer with a bit of powder. After applying the face primer, foundation and under eye concealer, lightly brush the face with a hypoallergenic face powder and brush off any excess powder. The face powder helps seal in the foundation and concealer and both stay on much longer. If you are going to apply powder during the day, make sure that you first blot off any excess oil so that the powder doesn’t clump on the skin. NOT a good look.

Eyeshadow primer Use an eye shadow primer. Eye shadow primers are particularly great. Not only do they absorb the skin’s oils off the lids; so colour lasts longer, they also make eye colour look brighter and smoother! Dab on before using eye shades and eye liner. The primer creates a base for the eye colour to grab onto and allows for long lasting application.

Blusher Stay Put When it comes to keeping blusher in place try swapping your powder blusher for a liquid tint, cream or mouse as these tend to stay in place longer than a powder. Apply your tint by using a small amount and gently blend into the apple of the cheeks. If you need more apply a little at a time to build up the colour. This will make the blusher stay put all day. For extra security you can then apply a small amount of powder to set the blusher and keep it in place.

Lushes lashes for longer Use a lash enhancing primer. This is a fantastic product for many reasons. A lash primer protects the eye lashes from clumping and breaking off, it contains nourishing vitamins that enhance the lashes, it gives them a thicker, longer look and it allows the mascara to stay on until it is removed deliberately with an eye makeup remover! Great for making the mascara last all day. Alternately you can also use water proof mascara but since it grabs onto your lashes it tends to clump and flake off after a few hours of application.

Get lippy For the lips, apply a balm with SPF before colour application to smoothen out any cracks and lines. Apply at least two coats of lip colour and blot in between for long stay lipstick. Coat this with a long stay gloss such as Lipcote which makes it last for over 6 hours!


If you really want to make your make up last, tuck in a supply of blotting paper in your purse. Use this to blot away skin oils from the cheeks, nose and forehead. Do not rub, just dab so the paper lifts up the oil, not the makeup. You can also get fine sprays which you use after you have applied the make-up which keeps make-up in place a little like hairspray.

Author Biography Catherine is a freelance writer and writes about health, skin-care, beauty and cosmetic surgery issues.

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    don't really care for makeup, we really don't care. It's the confidence that girls find in themselves when they feel good that makes them attractive, not just what they've put on their face.


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