Is it normal to have 7 days period?

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Nita asks:
I am a 15-year old girl. My periods continue for 7 days and I bleed excessively during the first 3 days. Is it normal? Please advise.

Teen worried about period problems

A majority of healthy women have a cycle of 28 days and 3-7 days’ bleeding. Some even have a regular cycle of 21 days or as long as 35 days. As long as the cycle is normal, it should not cause worry.

In some women there is excessive loss of blood during the early days but mere prolongation of periods to 7 days and should be considered normal as long as they are regular. Unless the menstrual bleeding is extremely heavy and you are passing huge clots of blood and have the need to change your sanitary napkins every 2-3 hours, it's not abnormal. Teens normally have a heavy flow for the first 3-4 days and the  bleeding days extend up to 7 and in some girls even up to 8-9 days. But this eventually settles to 4-5 days over a period of time. So there is really no need to worry as such, at least in your case!

Normally when menstruation starts for girls, usually between the ages of 11-15, the cycles are more or less erratic. It may be 21 days for some teens or even as much as 2-3 months for some. Bleeding can also vary from light to heavy. In an year or so, it establishes a regular pattern of 24, 28, 30 or 32  days lasting from 5-7 days. Even after one and a half years, if a teen finds that there is no regularity in her period, then she should visit a gynaecologist.

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  1. Anonymous2:24 PM

    even though a lot of people don't think so, your period can be different without you having anything wrong with you. they aren't all exactly the same. i have a friend who's aunt has it for 2 weeks instead of 1, and i have mine on a totally regular basis, but it's every 2 months instead of 1.

    but 7 being normal depends on if you count the last few days where you have hardly anything but still have it or not. but yeah, i'm pretty sure 7 is normal

  2. Saraswati2:05 PM

    yes it's normal. even tell this day (got my period at age 12, now 22) one month I will have it for 7 days. one month i will have it for 9. and some i will have it for 3/4 days.
    totally normal.

  3. Anonymous4:44 PM

    my periods are over 4 Days above date date is 26


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