BraceFace: Seven Tips for Looking Your Best With Braces

Wearing braces for the first time can make it difficult to have confidence and continue smiling, often feeling vulnerable with a new set of metal for all the world to see. By embracing the braces for the limited period of time they're installed and with a few tricks to enhance your appearance, it can be possible for the braces to become less noticeable.

Wear Lipstick
Although your pout may protrude just a bit with braces, it doesn't mean your lips have to go unnoticed. Embrace your lips by adding a dash of gloss or lipstick, which will make for a better smile and show your confidence is still intact after installation of braces San Antonio.

Pick Colored Bands
By wearing colored bands, it can disguise all of the metal and even match with an outfit or two you wear. Avoid white or yellow colors, which can cause teeth to look stained and diminished in color.

Choose Decorative Earrings
Wear more chandelier earrings or dazzling studs to take all eyes off your teeth. The decorative accessory will give your look an upgrade and enhance your overall appearance.

Apply Fake Eyelashes
By wearing false eyelashes with a bit of eyeliner, your eyes will pop, balancing out the braces. Try to wear them with a bit of eyeshadow, as the three-dimensional look will make the braces less of a distraction.

Keep Teeth White
Although braces are often considered an eyesore, there's nothing worse than having poor hygiene behind the metal. Floss and brush at least twice a day, and use a mouthwash to loosen food particles that can often become stuck in the metal. Use hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth and keep them looking polished.

Continue to visit a dentist every six months for a routine cleaning to ensure that the teeth are free of cavities and look their absolute best.

Hide Blemishes
Unfortunately, blemishes or scarring on the face are enhanced with braces. Apply foundation and powder daily for a clearer complexion, which will work to keep your appearance polished in both professional and casual settings.

Continue Smiling
Insecurity is easy to spot if a person is afraid to smile or show off their teeth with braces. Continue smiling and having confidence, which will ensure a beautiful look and an attractive personality.

(Written by Kandace)

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  1. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Wear Vaseline to give you shiny lips and think of them as an accessory

  2. Expert3:15 PM

    By embracing your individuality! Looking confident is the best way to go about it, don't be insecure or try to hide your teeth that will only make it worse. If it helps, just think that in a few years your teeth will look more beautiful than ever! There's no reason to be insecure many people go through this, it's not odd at all to have a smile full of braces.

  3. Vaishali3:16 PM

    Unfortunately, and quite frankly, I don't think there's a way to make braces pretty. I'd focus on other features. Maybe try a new hairstyle or trendy clothes or makeup. Take the focus away from your smile instead of towards it. (I hope this doesn't sound mean in any way.

  4. Molly3:19 PM

    Try to draw away attention from your mouth, like wear mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow.


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