How to Get More Sleep and Keep Your Eyes Looking Brighter

Puffy, red eyes aren't attractive on anybody. If you often find yourself pulling late nights and surrounded by people at work or school who ask what's wrong or why you look so tired, it might be time to adjust your sleep routine. Getting more sleep ensures that your eyes will look brighter and healthier, and the rest of you will feel better, too! There are lots of small steps you can take to improve your sleeping habits. Here are a few of the easiest tips to implement.

Keep the same bedtime each night.
If you're finding it hard to get to bed, you might need to implement a schedule for your sleep. This means you go to bed at the same time every night if possible and wake up at the same time every morning. Sleeping in now and again is okay, but if you sleep in every weekend, you throw your body off-kilter and make it harder for yourself to adjust to waking up on Monday morning. Even if you aren't tired, go to bed anyway and bring a book if necessary. You may find yourself falling asleep faster than you thought. Wake up at the same time and before long, your bedtime will adjust itself accordingly.

Set a sleep routine for bedtime.
If you're a shift worker or you find it hard to get to bed at the same time each night, you might need to set up a sleep routine. This is a series of actions that trains your body to feel sleepy. For example, every night, you might lock the doors and windows, head up to bed, read a book for half an hour, then turn out the light and go to sleep. Your body is primed from the time you lock the doors for the unwinding routine. You could include music, a bath, or any other restful activity in your sleep routine.

Create a better sleep environment.
If getting to sleep or staying asleep is a problem, make sure your sleep environment is optimal. Look at changing the temperature in the room, adding or removing blankets from your bed, playing a white noise machine to cover up street noise, or adding light-blocking blinds that will keep street lights from waking you up. Your sleep environment should be conducive to a restful night.

Wind down starting in the evening.
Are you still having trouble sleeping? Make sure you aren't doing anything in the evening that could interfere with sleep habits. Exercise before work or at lunchtime instead of before bed, stop drinking caffeine in the late afternoon, or cut out stressful activities from your evenings. Adrenaline and caffeine in particular can linger in your body and keep you awake for hours.

You can avoid puffy eyes and get natural-looking, bright and healthy eyes if you make a few of these adjustments to your sleeping habits. Proper sleep is important if you want to function at your physical and mental best, and even your emotional health depends on being well-rested. Don't cheat yourself of sleep and hope for the best!

Elizabeth Garvey is a homeopathic doctor. She loves to share her best tips for how to be a little bit healthier on women oriented blogs.

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