Festival Hair – 5 Top Cheats!

It gets repeatedly rained on, covered in mud (and who knows what else!) and is greasy enough to fry an egg on. Sound familiar?

During festival season, your hair really does get the blunt end of the deal. We’ve all been there, struggling with the weather, lack of products, electricity and showers for that matter! It’s the bane of every music loving girl’s life come summertime. By the end of the weekend, there’s also a high likelihood of you resembling a caveman. This season though, it’s easier than ever to follow all the latest trends with minimal effort. Make your festival hair care routine less arduous by following these simple tips…

Pleasantly Plaited
Plaits are everywhere! Seen on the likes of Taylor Swift, Sienna Miller and Pixie Lott, this boho trend is easy enough to copy. French, Fishtail, Accessory Braid, Fringe, Halo … The possibilities are endless! Even better, they work best on dirty hair. Struggle with hairstyling or don’t think your hair is long enough to rock a plait? It gets easier - buy a clip in plait. Versatile and on trend, they’re available in different styles and often come with pretty festival accessories such as ribbons and flowers. 

Lady in Red
Fancy resembling Florence Welch or Lily Cole this festival season but too scared to take the plunge? Invest in a wig! Super quick and easy, most wigs come pre-styled and only need washing after every 8 to 10 wears. Celebrities including Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Jessie J are often seen sporting brightly coloured wigs to mix up their everyday look. They are the ideal festival accessory and yet they often get swept under the carpet.

Dip Dyed Diva
One of the biggest fashion trends of 2012/13. Dip dye is everywhere – clothes, nails, accessories and now hair. It has been a popular look this festival season, as seen on Lauren Conrad and Amber Le Bon, ombre dyed hair can be as subtle or as outlandish as you please, it’s a style suitable for all. Whether you fake it and buy coloured clip in extensions or go all out and do it properly, dip dye is guaranteed to remain a festival favourite all summer long.

Festival Fringe
Fringes. Arguably the most important part of any hairstyle. Suki Waterhouse rocked an amazing full fringe at this year’s Glastonbury. Whilst they frame the face and soften your features they are also a festival goer’s worst nightmare. No matter what we do to them, fringes can unfortunately not defy the elements – meaning you go from looking gorgeous to grim in a matter of minutes. The solution? Buy a clip in! Versatile and available in a variety of styles, they can be worn whether you’ve got your hair up or down.

No Fuss Pony
This staple festival style is every girl’s go to do’. The dirtier the hair, the better it stays put. Can be jazzed up with fringe or halo plaits, headbands and accessories. Short hair? Invest in clip in ponytail extensions. They come in a choice of styles, colours and lengths and are easy to secure in any length of natural hair. Perfect for festivals! Try merging styles by opting for a dip dye clip in pony.

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