3 Ways Hair Stylists Can Spruce Up Thin Hair

Hair lends beauty to a face. Let's face it, though! Limp hair can take a lot away from a face too. Fine hair, if it can find volume, can greatly enhance a person's looks. But how does one add volume to fine hair? Here are three great ways to go about it.


Volumizing Products
Teasing, back combing and heat rolling tend to damage fine hair. Volumizing products help augment volume by attracting moisture to hair strands or coat them with ingredients that make them temporarily voluminous. We can have volumizing shampoos, conditioners, mousses, serums and sprays. Yet we need to look for products that are alcohol free and also offer heat protection. Also, if you are into colouring your hair, you should ensure that your products are colour safe.

There are some quality brands available in the market, enriched with vitamins and other nutrients. Look for products containing hydrolysed protein as the tiny hydrolysed protein particles can enter the hair strands and thus build volume and shine without causing build up.  Opt for quality products available in the market. Vitamins and nutrients enriched products add shine and hold volume for a longer time. Yet volumizing products have a temporary effect and need to be re-applied.
Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and condition with a volumizing conditioner. Leave in on for about 3 to 5 minutes and rinse your hair with cold or tepid water. Pat it dry with a soft Turkish towel. Use a volumizing mousse, serum or hair spray and style your hair with a blow dryer and a brush. Also occasionally use a clarifying shampoo to clear build up that may weigh down your hair.


Blow outs
Blow outs, if handled in the right way, can augment hair and immensely boost one's confidence. First of all, we must choose the right brush. The vent brush (one with holes or vents between bristles), preferably a round shaped ceramic or metal one with wide spaced, soft, flexible and ball tipped bristles would be ideal for the blow out. The round shape helps in giving a fuller appearance to hair. The metal or ceramic body helps with retaining some heat and adds to the bounce.

Wash your hair with a good shampoo. Use the blow dryer without any nozzle attachments that could focus the heat and thus flatten the fine hair. Keep the heat at medium level. Use the brush to lift hair and dry. Apply a volumizing hair spray to the roots and undersides of hair strands as you do so. Applying spay from the top may weight your hair down. After your hair has dried, turn your hair dryer full blast on cold air and run it through your hair for that added bounce.

Style for Volume
Fine hair needs blunt haircuts for a thicker appearance. Regular haircuts would keep split ends away. Opt for short or medium length haircuts. Pixie hair styles look great for fine hair. If you really want long hair, you could consider getting it layer-cut professionally.  Alternatively, you could go for hair extension. It may be best to choose clip on hair extension that would temporarily add that bounce and length without the alopecia associated with glue extension.

Shelia Radford is a personal stylist. She loves to write tips on hair care blogs to let other stylists in on her best tricks.

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  1. Expert4:52 PM

    bangs are pretty good. they add the illusion you have more hair.

  2. Kalyani4:53 PM

    try getting layers


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